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Shropshire IPMS Model Club Show at RAF Cosford

April 6, 2014 · in Show Reports · · 4 · 1.7K

Hi All, Just a few photos of the Model Show Held at RAF Cosford,

As you will see there is an eclectic mix of photographs some showing the Aircraft Exhibited and the odd V1 Doodlebug thrown in for good measure, and of course there is the Models,Dioramas and other great stuff that grabbed my eye, most of you will obviously recognise whats in the photo's but i am pretty sure there are things you wont know at all, like the Clangers and some of the Characters from the Magic Roundabout just to explain basically to know these funny looking mouse like creatures who by the way lived on the Moon, you would have been living in the UK as a young kid around the early to mid seventies probably sat watching TV with your evening meal or as we say in north England tour Tea, on your lap, the other characters are from a TV show on in the early evening called the Magic Roundabout and again to explain you'v got a rabbit called Dylan who is as high as a kite most of the time a dog who who wants to get cozy with a young girl called Florence, you know i think its a story for another time.

Back to the Model Show,

As well as some great Club Stands there was the usual dealers and traders doing a brisk trade relieving people like me and lots of others of there hard earned Cash!

There was the usual Show Competition with some great models competing in various classes, I entered a few of my models in the show and managed a very pleasing First in my class of Aircraft and a third with my little polish museum diorama so as we say in the UK i went home a very happy bunny.

This is part 1 of the photos as i can only put so many on and i couldn't decide which not to show so after some culling these are the ones i settled on please excuse any that aren't quite as sharp as i would have liked but considering the place was quite busy with people who for some strange reason seemed to like bumping into the short fat guy as he was trying to take photos i dont think they came out to badly.

Hope you like em


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  1. Congrats on your first in class Mark - looks like there was some stiff opposition from the high standard of models on display. I spied the new Airfix 1/24 Typhoon, was the other kit (unbuilt) a Beaufighter?

    • Hello Gregor, there were two new 1/72 twin engined medium bombers there Gregor one was the

      Dornier Do 17 -z

      The other was a Bristol Blenheim Mk1

      The other new kits were 1/48 Spit Mk5b

      And I think the other was the Folland Gnat (Red Arrows)

      And of course the 1/24 Typhoon it looks more like a zoukeimura kit than Airfix with all that internal detail the down side to this kit is it's already gone up in price and it's not even been released yet it was going to be £89.00

      ($144.00) it's now £99.00 ($162.00)

      But for pound or dollar per hourly fun building it will be well worth it

      Thanks Gregor


  2. Great pics from what it looks like a great day out, and yes I remember the Clangers, and the Magic Roundabout, especially Jasper Carrots version.

  3. Great photos, thanks for the post, kudos on your contest win.

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