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Reports from modeling shows, air displays and similar events.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Aircraft, 1/48 scale

Continuing our review of 2018 Scale Modelworld in Telford, here's a selection of 1/48 scale aircraft models from the competition tables.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Aircraft, 1/32 scale

Here's an overview of 1/32 aircraft models at the competition area of 2018 Scale Modelworld in Telford, UK

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Aircraft, 1/72 scale

Here's a selection of 1/72 aircraft models at the competition area of 2018 Scale Modelworld. Sadly, this corner of the competition area suffered badly from low lighting - with the camera struggling to compensate for bad lightning conditions some[...]

25th Slovenian Nationals – Other categories

25th Slovenian Nationals – Aircraft

Today I've visited Slovenian Nationals competition - a rather small event internationally but this year packed to the halls capacity with excellent models. Here's a selection of some aircraft models on display - I'll be adding other categories i[...]

More Telford Pictures from the iModeler Team

Dear iModelers, for quite a while now I've tried to take pictures at modelling shows that have a sharp focus on the parts of the model that I like and that are blurry in the back ground. This is not an easy thing to do because the model shows th[...]

IPMS Telford 2018

Good evening all, I noticed I hadn't posted on here for a while and thought to share the photos I took whilst at ScaleModelWorld at Telford - hope you all enjoy!

Telford Aircraft

Like airplanes? Here’s some!

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Other category winners

Continuing our report from the 2018 Scale Modelworld, here are the "best of" the main competition categories: cars, military vehicles, ships, sci-fi.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Best Diorama Winner

The overall Gold medalist in the diorama catogory at the SMW 2018 was this creation entitled "Ballon d'observation" There's nothing wrong with the color of the head picture - this shadowbox diorama is produced in black and white as an exact cop[...]