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Presenting the Bremont Horsemen

Chino 2014. First display by the Bremont Horsemen, the first F-86 flight demonstration team since the JASDF Blue Impulse and the RAAF Black Panthers. The only civilian team ever..

Sorry for the (photographically) horrid shot. I went to the show with a college buddy who’d never been to a show like this, which gave me “new eyes” that werent’ so jaded (Oh no! Not the Zero – again! 🙂 ), but i had forgotten about not being able to go where the photography possibilities are better – this time of year, Chino is laid out exactly wrong for the daytime sun from where you are in the crowd area.

11 responses to Presenting the Bremont Horsemen

  1. a civilian team…that is very cool

  2. Copper was great, so naturally it had to be canceled.

  3. Thanks for the pictures Tom. I think Tom Woods’ F-86 here in Indy has just been maintained in a hanger since he died.
    I stopped taking my camera to air shows quite a while ago when I realized I had become a slave to it & wasn’t seeing the show.
    I agree about Copper but I think Ripper Street has filled the void.

  4. Ripper Street is good. If you like Victorian England stuff, watch “Penny Dreadful” coming next Sunday on Showtime. All sorts of 19th century monsters running loose in London.

  5. I wasn’t even aware there WAS an F-86 civilian demo team….never have seen anything about ’em. Comes under the heading, “..ya learn sumthin’ new every day..”. I notice the lead ship has different markings, too.

  6. They’re brand new,. this was their first demonstration.

  7. Looks like a bucket-list show, bad photo angles aside. Going to a lesser event this coming weekend here in sunny FL. Anyone else?

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