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Testors (Hawk) F8F-2 Bearcat

May 17, 2014 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.6K

Here's a companion to my F7F-3N I did a while back. I had the kit sitting on my shelf for half of forever and decided just to build it straight OOB just for a little painting practice. I've read about the numerous inaccuracies in this kit, but it looks like a to me, so good enough. The fit of the kit is quite good with no horrible seams to deal with and can be ready for exterior paint in a weekend. Not much of a cockpit though. A seat and a decal for the instrument panel, hence the closed canopy! This kit is a perfect candidate for a make 'n take for anyone doing a modeling program with children. They can get bored being at a contest all day, so it keeps them occupied and there's no end of knowledgeable people around to help. Al Jones, a regular contributor for FSM lives in Milwaukee and he frequents our HobbyTown show at Oshkosh and is very helpful to children or those new to the hobby. Equally doling out praise when worthy and giving out constructive critisism. Usually by asking "What do you think you could have done better?" or "What don't you like about the finished model?" then tactfully giving several options. (The last part, demeanor, is what can make or break a mentor or teacher.) He's where I learned my "Don't be afraid to try anything." from. Anyway, I got sidetracked there!

The decals in the kit are pretty nice and I've saved the Gulfhawk livery to put on Hobby Boss's -1 which is what the G-58A was.

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  1. Very nice build Josh. I have one around here that I built over 30 years ago. Of course it's in pieces now

  2. gorgeous paint josh

  3. Beautiful paint work. that 50 year old kit still stands up.

    • Yes, for such an old kit, it still builds up nicely. I don't know if the molds were reworked, but it doesn't have any of the features so popular back in the day. Like a zillion rivets or national insignias and markings molded into the plastic (like their 1/48 Gee Bee). It even has recessed panel line for those who worry about such things. The fit of the parts is what amazed me. It was spot on, (although the horizontal tail assembly was a little unconventional. Not the most detailed kit, but a blast to throw together!

  4. Yeah, great build and Tom you are right this mold still looks good! I always loved Hawk kits. I think I built more of them than Aurora, probably tied with Monogram for my favorite brand, loved Hawk kits especially the chrome plated ones! Great job man!

  5. Nice build, Josh. Is it 1/48?

    • Yes Rob, 1/48. Sorry, I usually state the scale in the title. With a few exceptions, I try to stick to quarter inch scale. (Which reminds me, I gotta bust out my 1/32 Lightning F.1A and finish it!)

  6. Great looking Bearcat Josh. I have a few in the stash slated to become racers sometime in the future, but seeing yours got me thinking I might keep one in military markings.

  7. Nice build Josh. Those old Hawk kits bring back a bunch of memories. I especially liked the P-47. I never glued the spine on so I could have a Razorback or a Bubble top depending on the "mission" to be

  8. Agreed...nice build of the old Bearcat - they still good pretty good.

  9. Nice clean build.

  10. said on May 19, 2014

    I was amazed by how well the decals worked when I used them a while back. Beautiful airplane!

    • They sure did! I can't wait to try the Gulfhawk decals! I saw Elmer Ward's the one year he had it at EAA. Unfortunately, he suffered an EFTO and bellied it in south of the field. It has recently been put back in the air in similar markings to these.

  11. Great build there Josh, nice and clean. I like it mate.
    Well done Josh.

  12. Nice paint-not too glossy. I like it.

  13. Josh,
    Excellent all around. You did an outstanding job on this. I like what you have said about dealing with and mentoring young modelers. It is important that we try to bring them along as they will be our legacy. I was mentored in this fashion years ago by my mentor Stan Stapes. One day he said to me that my models were better than his. That would have never been true but it was indeed a compliment.

  14. Hi Josh, Your Bearcat brings back memories. Very, very nice model & superb paint. It's amazing just how good these older kits can be. You've done it proud!

  15. Great looking model, Josh.

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