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EuroMilitaire 2014 – Part Four

Details as Part One.

46 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to EuroMilitaire 2014 – Part Four

  1. Thanks for posting all these pictures Rob. I got the impression from your vendor area pictures that one could be separated from his money very quickly at this show.

  2. Rob, thanks for posting all these photos. Must have been a blast to see all that awesome work in person.

  3. Thanks Rob! Awesome photos of magnificent models!!! Must have been a real treat to have been there in person!

  4. I”ve really enjoyed looking at your pictures, Rob, thank you for posting them.

    • No problem. I actually bought a couple of 120mm figures – a British soldier (bust) of Sgt Masterson, Battle of Barrosa in 1811, holding aloft a captured Napoleon Eagle, and another British soldier (full figure standing on a ramp of ground), from the First Anglo-Sikh War in 1846, holding out a large campaign flag – both figures from Stormtroopers Miniatures (Cheshire), the masters sculpted by Carl Reid and Maurice Corry. For the bust I also bought a nice piece of laburnum as a base. Now, to polish up my figure-painting techniques…

  5. Thanks for posting some great pics Rob, such a lot of talent on display.
    Some of the figures are amazing, well out of my league by a long way.

  6. The Blackhawk warrior in the lead photo has 170 individual white metal feathers. I was tempted to get it but decided on a different one instead.

  7. thanks for these 4 gallery !

  8. Rob,
    Great photos, thanks for taking and posting them. These are a bunch of outstanding modelers and some in a league of their own.

    • Yes, it will be interesting to see the Best in Show Winner. I’m betting on the cancelled polo match scene or the battle scene with the horseman falling back into the arms of his comrade in the middle of the skirmish, but there are certainly many outstanding examples of modelling skills, even if figures ‘aren’t your thing’.

  9. The levell of these figures and dioramas are impressive, thank you for sharing.

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