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A Word From Your BoF/BoB Group Build Moderator.

October 29, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 18 · 1.4K

Well lads, there are two more days left before the "Big Show" that is the Battle of France/Battle of Britain group build presentations. I have been watching, with great interest, all the projects as they progressed and I want to thank everyone involved for their participation in this venture. I am quite pleased that this group build did not turn out to be the usual Spitfire, Hurricane, and Bf-109 calamity. Rather, we have various aircraft of the period as well as vehicles, ships, and even a control tower to round things out. Well done boys.

Now I do realize that , like myself, there are those of you who, due to time constraints or a heavy investment of detail, will not have their BoF/BoB projects done by the 31st. That is perfectly okay. Keep going, posting your progress in the BoF/BoB group build section and, once finished, post your completed project in "Headlines". I will be doing the same. No pressure, just good clean fun.



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  1. Thanks Seamus...unfortunately, I've nothing "hot off the bench" for this group build, but I think I do have a couple of older models that will fit the category. Of course, I have to take them down and give 'em a good cleaning, but I'll be puttin' 'em up. Looking forward to everyone's contributions.

  2. If a new entry is possible, count me in with a Mirage Hobby Pzkpf IV in 1/72

  3. Cool mustache!)))

  4. Unfortunately I have nothing at this stage to offer for the group build 🙁 Can't wait to see the contributions to this project. Good looking Hurricane in the background!

  5. Can I be in this on please! I have completed, a Boultan Paul Defiant 1/48 Classic Airframes.

  6. I must hang my head in shame. I was way too optimistic in thinking I could start (let alone finish) my Potez 630. I sadly only got as far as posting photos of the box and my references. Too much real world stuff got in the way 🙁 . But rest assured I still have full intentions to build it! In the meantime, I do have a Tamiya Do 335 just about at the painting stages, as well as a HK Models B-25 in the 'ongoing' section of my desk :).

  7. Seamus, thank you for volunteering as the Moderator for this group build, and for your contributions via your own Hurricane build and the comments, suggestions and encouragement you provided to the participants.
    Great mustache!
    Well done mate,

  8. Still plugging away on my Hawk H-75 & wondered if I should keep posting WIP pictures. Looks like you answered that question.

  9. Hey Seamus, my rescue launch is good to go , the pics may appear on Saturday due to me now working Mon - Fri and I need plenty of light to get good shots have no fear though it is ready !.
    Cool pic in your mancave by the way ,if I ever get into a bar fight in Long island I hope your on my side ! 🙂

  10. Smile Seamus, half done the other half could be.
    Got pics ready for the done job though , so will post those.

  11. It was a lot of fun Seamus, though I was one of the Spitfire crowd! I'm on the the moment and will load the pics as soon as I get home. Thanks for hosting the build!

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