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Telford meetings

November 12, 2014 · in Show Reports · 13 · 1.6K

Rounding off my Telford impressions, it's time for a more personal note. Thanks everyone for all the rewarding meetings, planned and unplanned, that occured during the weekend. Hope to see you again soon!

Images from top to bottom:

  • With Grega X, Miha, Igor, Saso, Avgust from Slovenia
  • With Mig Jimenez from Spain
  • With Marian from New York
  • Remotely with Tom C...
  • With Peter, IPMS Overseas Team
  • With Magnus, Rob and Neil from iModeler 🙂
  • With Gary "MakingModelsAgain"
  • With Rene H from Austria
  • With my travel companions Magnus and Anders together with Ulf from Berlin
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13 responses

  1. I think that's Neil Foster with us, actually, unless he's borrowed someone's else's club shirt for the day

  2. I would have liked nothing more than to go, however I'm stuck at work in the Shetland Islands. Maybe next year!

    • I know there's a big show in Perth in the summer. One of our club modellers makes his way up there from Norwich every year. He's Polish and models in paper, which is popular in Europe (and apparently in Perth as well, judging from the medals).

      • That might be one to go to actually. I've been planning a few days away up in Dunkeld. I could maybe hang on till then. It all depends on how my rotation home from work falls though.

  3. Nice to be able to put some faces with some familiar names...looks like a good time was had by all - thanks for all the pics.

  4. Well, "next year" took a step closer today. Looking forward to being able to say what all that is, but writers know not to jinx things with premature announcements.

    Casemate-UK tells me they got a "great launch" of the book at Telford, sales were "way beyond expectations." (As my US publicist says, "We love those IPMS guys") So I will say thank you all so much for that, since it has something to do with what isn't mentioned above.

    Bring your books back next year and I'll sign them then. 🙂

    • That's great, Tom. I think another book stand (there are several) had a 'meet the author' promotion for a new book about the Ju-88, but not sure about the 'shelf life' of such publications year-on-year. I'm sure if it was advertised you'd get some interest, especially if it was promoted by Casemate, particularly on their own stand. Competition is fierce between publishers to launch/promote titles there, as many people only have a casual look at books in between searching out models and accessories.

      In any case, good luck with your plans; I've already booked my hotel room to avoid the rush!

  5. Great pheotos, Martin... although You have invented a new country called Solvenia. Unfortunatelly, we dont solve any problems here in SLOVENIA. Could you correct that mistake please? Thanks!

  6. Hi Martin / Rob great to meet you both at last. Hey Martin any thoughts on an iModeller presence at Telford next year,a club stand maybe ...

    • Hi Neil, great to see you and that whopper B-29 on the 580 Modellers display.

      Traders, or similar, have to pay for trade space; clubs and SIGS get their space free because of the IPMS affiliation. As iModeler exists as a forum and doesn't 'trade' as such, I'd guess it might be unrealistic to expect Martin to come up with £1000 to hire a postage stamp-sized display area, unless of course he thinks he can sell T-shirts haha.

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