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Modelkraft 2015 (Photo Report, 1 of 2)

April 27, 2015 · in Show Reports · · 10 · 1.8K

Every year IPMS Milton Keynes hosts a regional show in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

It's a fairly large show, this year with 40+ clubs attending and as many traders. It's held in a large Leisure Centre, with a main hall, with secondary halls upstairs; there's a second, smaller hall adjacent the main area, next door.

There's a competition area, and I'm pleased to report that our Norfolk club acquited itself well, with a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze medal, and with one Highly Commended citation.

One of the points of interest was a test-shot sprue of a new Eduard late-Mark Spitfire. First time seen outside their factory, etc. I didn't photograph it because, well, it looked like a sprue of plastic, but no doubt will be of interest to Spitfire afficianados in due course. Also there - a test shot of a new Revell kit, I think a Skymaster. I should have made more than a mental note about these two at the time, but I'm sure all will be revealed in kit release schedules, but interesting to see these previews at a regional show nonetheless.

I'm posting two photo features here. There's no particular pattern to the photos, and none have been edited, so you'll have to browse through the images to find your preferred subject type.

Apologies in advance, for the blurred state of some images.

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  1. That last you know if those are 1/6th scale, Rob? I've done 3 or 4 MG's from Dragon, but don't recall seeing these. Great show btw.

  2. Looks like a great show. Could someone please fill me in on where this new genre of "junked cars" came from? I find it interesting, and there are some guys who really do it well, with extremely realistic final results, but I am at a loss to figure out how that began.

    Now that Eduard has done a Mk.VIII wing, my money is on them now doing the Spitfire XIV and XVIII, both of which use the VII wing, and the XIV should bring them money by the bucketload the way the Mk. IX has, since no one has yet gotten a Griffon Spitfire XIV right except Falcon's vacuform from 30 years ago.

    • There's another 'junker' in the other photo set (image 14) that to me is a good example of the genre. Busted up aircraft and tanks seem to have been around for ages as modelling subjects, and I guess somebody just made the mental leap not to show a car in cherry flake lacquer for a change. There's even a website called 'classic cars rotting' or similar, so as much inspiration out there as in a copy of 'Panzer Wrecks' for armour guys.

      That said, the vehicle in the photo mentioned didn't even get a 'commended', but that's judging for you, I guess. Perhaps would have done better in a dio class rather than as for single vehicles.

  3. Future release of Griffon engine Spitfire by Eduard in 1/48 scale.. This is good news , very good news indeed. Wish they release MkXI too.

  4. Was the Alfa 8C the Pocher 1/8 scale kit? Still kicking myself for not getting one at the bargain basement price of $600. Alfa Romeo really knew how to make a pretty engine back in the 30's and I still want this kit!

    • Yes I think so. I stopped and talked to the guy who built it and he gave me a lot more details than I deserved, not being a hardcore Motörhead myself, but it was certainly a great looking model.

      I saw also the Fiat Mephistopheles as a kit at a special show price of £130 but I've already found it for £116 with free postage and packaging so I resisted the temptation.

  5. Really interesting builds, thanks for posting the photos.

    • No problem. I made a special effort to find ship models this time too. Luckily there were a few about. By the way, in the second set of photos (2/2), the (firefighter) ship in the main photo is scratchbuilt.

  6. Lovely show report! Thanks for the ship postings!

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