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Assortment of models!

June 20, 2015 · in Uncategorized · 9 · 1.5K

Hey guys! I don't know if many people remember me, I used to be fairly active on here posting at least once a day. BUT! I just finished up my second year of college getting a 4.0 and making the presidents list, so I guess that is something to be proud of. I haven't really been able to build many models in the past year as I haven't had the money. I was sitting around today toying with my camera and I figured I'd take a picture of some of the models I have built. Some of them I have in previous posts and some I do not.

I hope y'all have been enjoying the summer and so on. Any questions I'll be more than happy to answer!

I can also try to take picture of other models if y'all are interested!

(I should have dusted my models before I took the pictures, oh well haha.)

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  1. What scale are those nice-lookin' bombers...?

  2. I like the cars especially, Billy, and, again, congratulations on your studying, you did well!

  3. Billy, 1/48th Revell B-17F and Monogram B-29? Now it's Revell B-29. Is the B-17F back? I bought one years ago, it's (surprise) still unbuilt. I started the B-29, but stalled. It mocks me from the shelf of doom, or closet of shame, as one of the IPMS guys told me. I adopted that one!
    Love that "Hellbirds" insignia! With the kit?

    • All of my planes except for an f-82 I built are 1/48th, I loved big then I quickly realized how much space they took up. Anymore I have more fun building cars but I still love a good plane build when I get the chance and the play money.

      I have a B-17F "Memphis Belle" in the back, I spent a year looking for a good kit because I made it to kind of commemorate a picture I have with one of the original pilots (taken around 1999).

      And on the b-29 it was actually surprisingly hard for me to find information on that specific plane, which felt like the case when I would work on revell kits. But the decals were the secondary ones that came with the plane and I tried making it as original as possible (I built it about 2 years ago now so it's been a little dinged up sadly).

      Sorry if my grammar is horrible I've been up since 0400 haha

  4. Oh, and to echo Craig, good work on the GPA and the honors. Life cuts into modeling time, don't it?

  5. Ya darn tootin' that's something to be proud of! Those models are too!

  6. Nice builds all around

  7. Sure, use the excuse of attaining higher education for not building models...nice stuff!

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