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IMEX 1/9 Scale Heritage Softail

November 9, 2015 · in Automotive · · 16 · 1.7K

Here's the IMEX Heritage Softail that I recently completed.

This is the model still in it's plastic bags...

I did not go with the out-of-the-box version of this one. I wanted to go with white as the base for the "leather" accessories. And I also wanted to add more realistic "rivets" to the seat and saddlebags. This was done with multiple coats of flat white paint as the plastic came in a black color. The rivet holes were drilled out one at a time and small pins from the local Hobby Lobby were inserted in place of those little "bumps" in the plastic.

Tires came in black as well. But I wanted to go with white-walls so after testing a few different paints on the inside of them I decided to go with the Testors Acrylic Matte White. This provided the coverage needed as well as completely drying before they were placed on the wheels.

Engine came in multiple parts which is standard with most large scale kits. Although the detailing was limited as far as hoses and plug wires go. I added a few of my own as I did have photos of the 1:1 scale engine.

This particular model has a working head and tail light. So, while working on the frame, I also had to add the lighting so it could be hidden as assembly progressed. You can see some of the wiring in these photos. Also, I went with a matching color for the frame instead of the standard black as I thought that would help the model to stand out a bit more.

Here's the rear tail light assembly and the wires.

Front wheel set assembly. As you can see I had no problem with the white paint flaking here.

Here are two photos of the fuel tank cover. Again, the same as the frame.

Here's the finished model on it's base and ready for a show or display. The "leather fringe" is nothing more than paper cut and glued to fit. The flags were added as I saw this done multiple times for various parades, escorts and runs. Not the least of which is Rolling Thunder. The flag poles are simply sprue pieces cut to fit and the flags are, yet again, printed on paper, folded and sealed with glue to get them to hold that shape.

There are more photos for your perusal. I appreciate any and all comments. If you have ANY questions about any of the other photos don't hesitate to message me or comment here. I'll be happy to answer them.

If you do have any questions about any photo please refer to them by the number in the photo. That way I can give you an answer a LOT faster.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen one of these built up before. The final images with the flags
    in place make for a great looking display.

  2. Harry, I'm absolutely loving this article. I love all about it, the subject, the model, the fact that you give us insight in the building process and especially the editorial part with the numbered pictures. That's now the benchmark for my coming projects.
    Ride on!

    • Those 1/9 scale kits are great. Just big enough to have a lot of room for detail but yet small enough that they don't take a ton of space on the display shelf.

      When you start your build don't hesitate to message me with any questions.

  3. Stunning build, quality piece indeed. Just what IS the "actual" length of a 1/9th scale bike? I was looking for a 'common object' in one of the photos for a point of reference, but didn't spot one. You do exquisite work!

  4. Grand looking Hog there Harry.
    Well done mate.

  5. That's an awesome bike build Harry. I'm guessing you're a biker yourself from the enthusiasm you've put into the extra detail?

    • "former" biker. A back injury a few years ago put a top to the riding. I had two choices, stop riding and keep walking or end up in a wheelchair...Well, I am still walking...

      • It's a decision you can't really make that I suppose!
        I had to stop riding as I had repetitive strain injury in the groin. Not as bad as your scenario though but still very painful.
        I'll get another bike in the future though but probably something with a bit more of an upright riding position.

  6. Love it! Very well done on a difficult kit! Do you know if Imex ever released a Heritage Springer version? I want to build a model of my real life bike...

  7. It's cool, Harry, I like it very much, just wish I could hear it as well!

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