Douglas AD-4W Skyraider (target tug) cockpit

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The was used as a by Svensk Flytjänst in Sweden between 1963-76. The aircrafts were former Royal Navy, used in the early warning role. All AEW equipment was torn out and replaced by winch systems, hatches and radio systems for one pilot and up to two mechanics in the back. 13 of the huge Skyraiders were painted in the yellow colour many of us think of when it comes to Swedish target tugs, black registrations and not much else. Only when coming up close one realizes how absolutely enormous the Skyraider is. The aft cabin is like a weekend house, wings are like football fields, the propeller is like a wind mill, the a barn door. So I present here to thee, and cabin of SE-EBB as seen at the Arlanda aircraft collection, Stockholm. SE-EBC is undergoing restoration at Svedino´s collection and SE-EBI is to be returned to flying condition. Three more has been saved but were used in different swaps to aquire a Grumman Goose and a Spitfire Mk XIX for the Flygvapenmuseum (Swedish Air force museum) collection.

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  1. Nice set of photos...thanks for posting.

  2. Some great pics here sir.
    Thank you for posting.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, guys. Happy new year!

  4. Great timing, Stellan.
    I was recently given an AMT AD-4W in 1/48 and these shots will send me down that path sooner than later.
    Happy New Year!

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