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New and historic photograph collections

The Doolittle Raid - in color

This is Totally Cool This is the stuff that makes me love being an historian. My friend and fellow researcher Lynn Ritger just spent the last several days playing “Squirrel!” in the uncategorized digitized film files at the National [...]

Top Gun 1945 (UPDATED)

Lynn Ritger just spent the last three days playing "Squirrel!" in the digital archives of undesignated film footage at NARA and found some gems. Lynn is a solid historian, but there are times he is seriously "bent." He [...]

Model Expo 2022Tulsa show pics

Our club held our annual contest and show on April 19th in the Tulsa area. We finally got our contest page updated with 60+ photos from the 324 models submitted. Some really nice work on display from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and [...]

Returning after L*rd knows how long....

So let's start with an explanation as to why I stopped posting here... erm, honestly don't know. I didn't fall-out with anyone, AFAIK I didn't upset anyone, I think I just got lazy. Apologies, I'll try to do better going forward. As you [...]

Aerospace Museum ExpositionAerospace Technical Department

Local modellers exposition on the Museum,hope you enjoy the small but lovely effort.

Mirage F-1 "ΤΑΛΩΣ" special scheme walkaraound

Hi everyone! The Mirage F-1 "ΤΑΛΩΣ" (Talos) was a commemorative and very charming scheme applied to HAF's Mirage F-1 s/n 129 sometime around 2000 or tad later, if memory serves... In Greek mythology, Talos was a giant [...]

Changes at the NASM

1,700 photos of the way they have re-done the National Air and Space Museum. You can kill several hours here. 🙂

Photos From the Military Aviation Museum

Here is a small sampling of some of my photos made during visits to the Military Aviation Museum (MAM) in Pungo, Virginia just outside of Virginia Beach. The last time was during their airshow on Oct 2, 2021. The runway is grass and the [...]

My 2021- The Good, the Bad, the Lazy

Thought I would post my 2021 builds including a couple of misses (learning opportunities as a wise one would say). The "lazy" part of the title is that I build almost all my aircraft in flight but managed to only build one stand [...]

My dad´s 2021 in Pictures...all models in 1/48

Well, this was once again a prolific year for my dad. Being 74, with weaker getting eyes and shaky hands, he still keeps up his good work and i hope he still has some good years ahead and I can present you a lot more of his work. We wish [...]