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National Naval Aviatin Museum, Pensacola Fla, Pt 2. Hanger Bay One,plus

Basically shots of more modern aircraft, that weren't in the main section. The actual name plate off the now scrapped Forrestal, and the memorial plaque honoring those that perished in the fire off Vietnam, it used to hang in the hanger bay. Th[...]

National Naval Aviation Museum,Penacola Fla.Part one, Flightline ramp.

Checked off an item from my bucket list, last weekend. Limited photos of the outside ramp, Jaime Carreon covered the other areas recently. One note, the C-130 is supposed to be the one that flew onto and of the Forrestal in the early sixties. Pi[...]

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Time Capsule: 1989 Visit to the Commemorative Air Force Museum

In 1989, I was an instructor pilot flying the T-37 trainer at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Although I had a previous assignment in Oklahoma teaching basic students to fly in the T-37, this tour was different because we were t[...]

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Just something to get my ugly mug off Headlines.

The First World War in the Air, RAF Hendon Museum

I made my way down to north London today, to the RAF Museum at Hendon, which in fact is four separate museums within several hangers. I went specifically to see the First World War in the Air display, which has a complete hanger of its own, and [...]

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UK Aircraft Museum Photos

Just a few of the photos taken from Cosford, Newark, and Doncaster aircraft Museums here in the UK. I'm no photography expert, so please be nice 🤓