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Teeny, tiny small parts

January 3, 2016 · in How-to · 12 · 1.2K

How do you sand down the small tiny parts that are impossible to hold between your fingers. That escapes me just as much as seeing said same parts.

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  1. Tweezers? Small needle-nose pliers? Stick 'em on a piece of tape and hold 'em down with sumthin'? Personally, if they're THAT small, I wouldn't even TRY to sand 'em. Teeny, tiny parts probably ain't gonna be that visible anyhow. Jus' sayin'. 🙁

  2. what I am actually after is removing the remnants of the sprue gate. I should have clarified my question

  3. I have acquired, over the years, at least 15 different tweezers, it seems that as the kits get better, the parts get smaller. I have an optivisor, and these days, can't model without it.

  4. I usually try not to sand the small parts, but to place the part on a flat surface (preferably sheet or block of white paper just to see things more clearly) and than do the cleanup by cutting or scrapping with a tip of a hobby knife. Works for me.

  5. all good solutions. Thanks

  6. Here's my solution: Question - when the model is completed, will this part by prominently seen?

    If "yes" - take care as outline and suggested above.

    If "no" - make a sacrifice to the carpet monster in hopes he'll give you a pass when you need it.

  7. Welcome to creative model building !, this probably falls into the more questions than answer category. I have use a variety of small sanding sticks I've picked up at my local hobby store that are about 1/8 inch wide. But I also have made some tiny ones by using something narrow and flat for a block and wrapping super fine sane paper around it. good luck

  8. Many times i just run a bit of liquid glue along the offending mold lines to take the edge off them, thus they will be less visible.

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