More simulators at Arboga missile museum

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At the Arboga missile museum one can play with some more simulators if one is not too tired after a full mission in the Saab J 35 B Draken sim. First is a genuine MOMSUL, (momentsimulator) simulating RB 05 missile shots on fixed or moving targets. The RB 05 missile was a manually guided attack missile, just like the Bullpup At the introduction the RB 05 was apparently the best guided missile in the world in its class. After launch it automaticly positioned itself right in front of the launch aircraft and the pilot could guide it to the target with a minimum of lost time and thus gain a few precious moments to focus on the attack. The flight path was a low level run, a quick pull on the stick to get up to ca 400 metres of altitude, roll in, sight, fire and guide. No wonder there was a need for a simulator to learn the trade. The RB 05 could also be used to kill transports and slow helicopters.

Then we have a Linktrainer, a wooden box many pilots have spent much time in to do navigation exercises

The green tube on a stand is a simulator for firing RB 07, Robot 70, a short range air to air missile system developed to counter helicopters, transport aircraft, drones, cruise missiles etc. The missile is guided by a laser beam that the operator puts on the target

Last but not least there is a JAS 39 Gripen simulator, or at least it looks like one. I think the software is comercially available for anyone interested. A stick and throttle control is provided and a few basic buttons to push for controling landing gear and such. Although it is not having a huge screen like the J 35 simulator one can get quite carried away rolling and looping. Trying to find the base again without any ground control is tricky and landing the darn thing is even worse. Ask me how i know.

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  1. Quite the place...the "big boys" video arcade.

  2. Yes, indeed, Craig. It really is a playground for grown ups.

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