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Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 6 (1/48 to 1/24 scale aircraft)

More aircraft models on display at the 2016 Moson Model Show… with other galleries to follow soon.

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Don’t forget to check back at iModeler for all the forthcoming other parts of this coverage from the 2016 Moson Model Show – additional galleries will be published during the day. If your are new to iModeler, feel free to register and add your own comment to this gallery.

49 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 6 (1/48 to 1/24 scale aircraft)

  1. Extraordinary craftsmanship….I’m in awe of all the talent there.

  2. There’s been a growing trend in the last five years, at least here in Europe, to ‘open up’ every panel and housing and super-detail (sometimes to extremes). The further trend to model WW1 aircraft in a skeletal condition has also been in evidence. I admire the effort, but personally when I see model after model set to this level I tend to go a bit blank. All worthy subjects, though, when viewed in isolation. The DVII with the white diagonal stripe on the top plane is superb, without appearing ‘in extremis’.

  3. Hallo everybody, my name is Roberto Colaianni, from Italy, I’m new in this forum, I’m the author of the 1/72 Mosquito in 1/72 half in wood grain, the Fokker DVII with the diagonal white band, and a diorama with a Huey crashed in the Vietnam Jungle, I havent seen on this site yet. I would like to thanks all for the positive comments and, i do not know if it is appropriate, i would like to direct you to the site where I post my models, in order you to appreciate the WIP. Unfortunatly text is in Italian, but there are a lot of picture. Apologize for my “Maccaroni English”. Cheers, Roberto.

  4. Please note the propeller is scratch build in wood, the lozenge has been pairbrushed with montex mask, and covered with a Microscale semi-traparend decal that give the effect of the linen under the coat of colour. Also all cross, white band, blue stipes has been airbrushed.

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