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U.S.S. Wasp

November 21, 2016 · in Diorama · 15 · 2.2K

Pilots from the Wasp getting ready to take off and cover the Marines on Guadelcanal


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  1. I think that guy leanin' against the starboard elevator may be the same one who installed that center line bomb. 🙁 🙂
    Don't recall seeing the national insignia color(s) quite like that before.

    • Craig, Hornet was previously involved in the invasion of North Africa. Operation Torch. Aircraft involved had the star-in-a-circle insignia at the time painted with a yellow ring around it. Recognition marking. When she moved to the Pacific, some of the yellow rings were overpainted. I've also seen some on the Canal still with the yellow surround. Hornet got sunk, and her air group went ashore and operated out of Henderson Field, until they got relieved, those who survived.

  2. The model of a Dauntless in 1942


  3. Some helpful tips.

    • You have the Dive brakes deployed on your model. This was not typical for a SBD getting ready for a mission while on the ground.
      -You may want to center the bomb along the centerline of the underside fuselage.
      -Same goes for the 250 pounders on the wings. Center' em up.
      -Like Craig says never seen that kind of National Insignia before. Always put your decals on last. Guadalcanal/Cactus Airforce SBD's usually had the large roundel in Navy Blue with the White star in the center.

    Hope this helps.


    • Okay, I tried to delete my post above. Was able to do it my activity section but it keeps showing up here. Not sure why. Glitch I guess.

      Further to my comments. I now see the aircraft you are trying to model. This A/C had the painted roundels. It was a crude attempt to enlarge them but keep the white star. These aircraft were from VS-71 (scout bombing squadron 71) flying from the USS Wasp (CV-7) to attack targets on Guadalcanal. In this respect your insignia and colours are accurate.

  4. Hey Tom, I like your dio, I think the guys comments were meant with the best of intentions , but things don't always come across that way when written down.
    Thanks for showing N.

  5. Thanks for the info, David...comes under the heading "...ya learn sumthin' new every day...". And just because I've never seen 'em before, don't mean they didn't exist.

  6. Keep at it Tom. We all never stop learning in this hobby.Thanks for showing.

  7. Gents Thanks for pointing out my mistakes by knowing them I will not make the same ones also thanks for all your encourgement


  8. Ex Toch Dauntless

  9. Tom, that the Hasegawa Dauntless? I've been a fan of SBDs since I got the Monogram -4 years ago. You could dive bomb your pets! Oh, yeah!

  10. Rats! Hornet, Wasp, Yellowjacket, I get alll confused. Entomologic apologies.

  11. I like your SBD. Is that pilot telling the gunner he really knows how to fly?

  12. Fresh out of Pensacola! And whatever OTU/CARQUAL he could get.

  13. Bob, thanks for pointing out that the crew depicted are a pilot, in the tan suit, and the enlisted rear gunner, in the blue shirt and dungarees. Usually, folks paint both in the tan suit, which is also right. I like to see the gunners get recognition, tough job for them, but an equally important part of the team.

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