iModeler Diorama

Representing reality in miniature.


Ciao, hear the diorama ready for my friend Nicola. The situation is at the crossroad in Libya. Nicola was very happy for the results and….me too. Ciao Paolo

"There Goes Your Christmas Bonus!"

Finally added the figures to the vignette. I hope you all like the results. Thanks.

1:50 Scale Mini Snow Dock Diorama

I have been working on a small snow diorama for the Oscarsson's truck and trailer I weathered a while ago for a client. I wanted to show-off the truck and trailer combo in its environment to further make it more convincing., Although, the [...]

Fantasy castle diorama

this is a castle printed with a 3d printer, I thought I'd put it in a mountain setting, surrounded by the waters of a lake. The rocks are cast in woodland scenic moulds. The trees are molded from epoxy putty. Painted with brush and [...]

US navy shipyard

Dear friends, I present this small diorama in 1/700 scale. It is a U.S. Navy shipyard. The vessels are a Liberty ship from Trumpeter and a Gaering Class Destroyer (Takom) and the Drydock is by Takom. The camouflage was copied from the [...]

Long Range Desert Group - LRDG

First build for the New year, this Tamiya LRDG kit. This is the type of kit that makes modelling a pleasure. It's simple, quick and holds up well to kits even of today's standards (except maybe for the original figures, they are rubbish). [...]

Flak 38 1/35 Tamiya

Ciao ragazzi, here the last diorama for 2022 ! The idea, as usual, arrive from my son and we developed the idea. The Flak is the old kit from Tamiya; trolley and Flak crew are from Dragon. The project started in summer and finally we did [...]

Somebody Missed the Road

Since I did the mud scenario, I wanted to try a snow scenario. My inspiration came from a similar scene I found on the net.

1/24th Revell Shelby Mustang

What to do when a model kit isnt that great? make it look worse. the 'crash diorama' is always a plan b for me, in case i mess a kit up, but in this instance it was well thought out and planned before i even touched the kit, as it was a [...]

'Ooops!, there goes the Holiday Bonus' Forklift Incident

After these photos were taken, I'd realized I did not add a crucial detail. The slight damage to the ground, when the forks came in contact. Not there would have been any major difference to the ground or tarmac, but it would make for a [...]