iModeler Diorama

Representing reality in miniature.

Sturmgeschütz III and Sturmhaubitze 42 in transit

StuG III G/StuH 42 Military Railroad Diorama, 1/35. Kits used: Takom StuG III G/StuH 42 Early (8009 2in1) Tamiya StuG III G (35310) + Voyager Model photo etched parts. Sabre Model Ommr (1+1 35A03-SVP) flatbeds. Rails (or tracks) made by [...]

"Down but Not Out", USMC Piper NE-1

Hello All, My latest diorama, titled, “Down but Not Out”, depicting an USMC Piper NE-1 based in the Pacific. This was a simultaneous build along with my Jim Sullivan GB, Piper NE-1. The diorama portion was the major portion of this [...]

Air battle

The officer shows with hand gestures the details of the air battle in which he took part. That's why the diorama gets its name.

"Aim to the left"

Been very busy with commsion builds of late. So not a lot of time for building for myself. But this little one got my attention. Ak-Interactive jeep, which was a nice build on its own. The figures are older builds which I added for some [...]

War in Ukranine: Bahmut 2022.

On this diorama not an easy job shown military doctors during heavy battles for Bakhmut. Model Unimog from ICM, scale 1/35

Soviet village 1960'

Soviet village in the 1960s. Calm and tranquility... It is with these feelings that I put into my work. Moskvich and toilet for ICM, animals resin, homemade fence made from sticks for stirring coffee.

Medical assistance on the Battlefield 1917

With this diorama I wanted to show all the disgusting and senselessness of any war.


Recently declassified German Military files have revealed that after their staggering defeat on the planet of Endor, Darth Vader approved the sale of his remaining AT-ST's to the German Army in early 1944 at a heavily discounted price. A [...]

Airfix 1/35 Austin K2 Ambulance

Airfix and Gecko released their 1/35 Austin Ambulance kits fairly close together. Gecko put me off right from the get-go due to its overly heavy use of PE parts (some love it, but I model to destress, not increase it haha). I think the [...]

Private Construction/Truck Yard

Been working on this diorama for a while now and still not finished. I need to find some suitable figures that will go together with the theme of this build. So if anyone of you have some suggestions, please don't hesitate to send some [...]