iModeler Diorama

Representing reality in miniature.

German WW2 Panzer Field Maintenance Unit

This diorama represents a German field maintenance unit for their armour and is based on the Takom kits of the Stratobahn 16 ton mobile crane and a late version Panther tank. The set dressing is from a mixed bunch of Tamiya and Miniart accessor[...]

I miss my masters

This a post apocalyptic diorama based on an idea that every human was wiped out a long time ago and only some loyal "servants" like this utility bot still wander around. Scratchbuilt elements with the use of some Gundam model parts.

Diorama of Steven Spielberg’s 1941 Movie

A Diorama of the Movie, 1941. The diorama was built for the iModeler at the Movies Group Build. It is 1/48 scale. Everything is scratch built except for the Hasegawa P-40E and the cab of the Wespe Models Ford 917, converted to a 1939 Ford pick-[...]

Eat your veggies – 87th scale

A post apocalyptic dio featuring a rusty scratchbuilt billboard from Evergreen styrene and some converted Preiser figures. The car is from Busch with some minor modifications. The billboard image was edited in Photoshop, to look like an ad.

Wehrmacht Winter 1941-42

The persistent fog of Northern Italy has contributed enormously to the photos, I hope you like it and that it gives a feeling of cold


This is a 1/35th scale Tamiya kit. I revised the vinyl base by removing the dead tree and rocks and replacing them with real rocks and a piece of a dead tree branch. I glued the base to a section of 3/8" thick styrofome and added Dolores River s[...]


I don't recall if all 3 models came in the same box, nor do I remember who made these 3 kits, plus the little fish. 1998 is a long time for me to [email protected] 88.6 yrs old!!! The base was made by using some more "Plaster-of-Paris." The look-alik[...]

2 small dino models

I don't have any "in-progress" building photos, nor do I have any box-art images. The two dino's sure look like "T-REX" models, but I'm not sure. They both have pretty good eyes. It look's like I added some color when I made the "Plaster-of-Pa[...]


This kit was made by Tamiya and was a good kit to build o.o.b; but the builder sure messed up building it. The kit is made out of "VINLY" and not the tradition plastic that we modeler's are use to working with. The builder which is me Rodney J[...]


Tamiya produced this 1/35th scale dinosaur kit around 2011-2012 so I bought it. If you look close at the box top you will note that the model has some nice feet with toes, however upon opening up the kit, you may be disappointed. Case-In-Point[...]