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Midway Group Build Updates

February 18, 2017 · in News · · 4 Comments

We have had this Group Build going for a little over two weeks now. The response has been very positive. In June, between the 4th and the 7th of this year, we will be upon the 75th Anniversary of this significant historical event.

Recently we have opened up the "Midway" Group Build to include the attacks on the Aleutian Islands (a part of the Alaskan Island chain) that happened during the same time as the Midway Battle. By opening the build up to include the Aleutians, this has dramatically increased the subjects that would qualify for the Group.

To date we have 24 members, with room for many more...

There are 15 builds posted here on Imodeler so far. They are all aircraft build threads as of now, but I have had several members express an interest in building a ship or two. There are some very talented model builders that have joined the Group. They have shared photos of the progress they have made so far.

Anything related to the Battle of Midway or the Aleutian Islands attack is fine... The guidelines have been posted as "Rules of the Road".

Please remember that an "Official" invitation is not necessary. If you want to join, the easiest way is to simply make a comment on one of the build threads.

Everyone is invited to join our ever growing group.

So go on over and check out our Midway Group Build. Who knows ?

Maybe something will inspire you to join...

18 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses

  1. Is that one photo of a ditching or a float-plane landing for pickup?
    Hard to tell, but I'd guess the former due to the amount of water being dispersed (looks like too much "splash" for a soft descending float plane to create).

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