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Just arrived on my porch

From H-K. First review kit. 1/48 Kit decals for "Memphis Bell" also "Old Faithful" of the 303rd BG. Accurate clear noses for 2-gun and single-gun set-up with supporting interior structure.

2021 Catalog from Italeri, and…

Italeri has released a 2021 catalog which has a few new tools, as well as some re-pop's, and "Super-Decal" options. See the catalog here: But what I really came here to share is a surprising release for 2021... from Tamiya, with a new-tool [...]

It’s official…

RIP Squadron Mailorder. They officially closed the doors yesterday. It was apparent over the weekend. They had a 70% off sale started last Friday, and by Sunday night, the website came up "under construction." Some locals had stopped by to pick [...]

Eduard 2021 releases

That Tempest II in July is nice. Hopefully the S.199 will be in 1/48 first. 4-cannon Fw-190A-5 is also interesting, as is the Spitfire V in the fall. I like the Fw-190F-8. Doing 109Es with the Special Hobby kit is great - that is absolutely t[...]

Airfix New Releases 2021

I just watched the Airfix new release video on YouTube, and here are the highlights. New Tool: 1/72 Hawker Tempest Mk.V DH Mosquito B.XVI (two-stage Merlin engines) 1/48 DHC Chipmunk T.10 DH Vampire F.3 1/35 Austin K2/Y Ambulance Re-Tool: 1/72 [...]

Good News: ARMA Hobby announces 2021 releases

Yes - 2021 will be better.

Just arrived on my porch

The Bronco 1/48 MiG-15 (Fagot-A) has just arrived here today. As I had surmised from sprue shots, it is the Trumpeter MiG-15bis kit without the engine and without the fuselage divided fore and aft, with the correct modification made to the spee[...]

A Follow Up on The Eduard Fire – Some Better News!

Having posted on the fire at the Eduard Warehouse a day or two ago I’m pleased to be able to follow up with the text and a photo from a media post from earlier today: Dear friends, thank you again for your messages and support! Yesterday we [...]

2020 – More Bad News…

Although not the most important news currently, still another awful event in 2020. A fire has significantly damaged the Eduard warehouse. This from the company: Dear clients, Today, unfortunately, there was a fire in the Moste building, w[...]

Chuck Yeager died today

Just saw the news that Chuck Yeager died today at age 97. Given how deep he was in Alzheimers over the past several years, my personal take is it was a release. He was my childhood hero, and then the first movie job I had (junior assistant to t[...]