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On approach? from Eduard…

I have yet to see a verification from Eduard, but I see on Scalemates that Eduard will be doing multiple variants of both the Mitsubishi A6M Zero and the Grumman F4F Wildcat, including a "-3" and an FM-2! Has anyone else seen [...]

The Wingnuts Lanc is happening!

Border Models of China are putting out the WNW Lanc! I’ll let the pics do the talking. Anyone got the Handley Page 0 series molds!?

It’s a Mk1a Spitfire!

For anyone awaiting the news from Kotare Models (the old Wingnuts crew) - here it is: Fittingly announced on Battle of Britain Day - a 1/32 Mk1a Spitfire! Not a World War 1 Subject and not a WNW hangover! Equally fittingly the box art [...]

Kotare Models - let the speculation begin!

Announced on FB earlier. The Wingnut wings gang ride again! Get your piggy banks ready! And pray for that Lanc in 1/32! Or perhaps the ‘Spad’ we all really wanted WNW to deliver! (Yes, I know I’m speaking for myself). The news as [...]

Show in Arlington, Sept 11 – iModeler Meet-up?

The Ft. Worth Scale Modelers is holding their show in Arlington next month, and I was talking with another iModeler friend about possibly meeting up there when I wondered "why not see who else in the iModeler community is in the [...]

OtVinta! 1/48 Shavrov Sh-2 (Ш-2) - new model!

Hello everyone! I would like to present a new model - the first Soviet serial flying boat designed by Shavrov Sh-2. The model is made of polyurethane resin, 115 parts (approx.), Decal for 8 options. The set includes bonuses - a pilot [...]

Thank goodness I managed to get my FJ-3

Kitty Hawk/Panda have announced they are shutting down. One of the principals posts at Large Scale Planes and state "we are selling the kits on-hand, there are no new molds." You can bet the price of the FJ-3 has just gone up, so [...]

Trailer for Russian WW2 flying movie · on youtube Released April 29, the feature film "Devyatayev", shot with the participation of the TV channel "Russia 1", . The film tells about the last years of the Great Patriotic War and [...]

Armchair Airshow Biggin Hill

Given the state of affairs with CV19, Biggin Hill have just released footage of this year's 'Armchair Airshow'. Something for everyone here - B17s to Hellenic F-16 display teams, and much more. Enjoy! [...]


This from one of the new owners of, Chris Decker Hello fellow modelers! We are excited to announce that will be returning, under new ownership and management! Squadron will be back! As most of you know, [...]