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California is locked down! Updated March 22

Our governor just announced a "stay inside" order for the entire state until April 19. You can go to groceries, pharmacies, banks and gas stations, and take a walk around the block - but you have to keep 6ft/2m separation. Also they expect 25 mi[...]

Thank goodness modeling is an activity best done alone inside – Updated March 13

Some thoughts on what's going on. A week ago tonight, my wife (who suffers from Parkinson's) fell down in our living room and couldn't get up. After the fire department took her to the ER, the X-ray showed she had a fractured pelvis and a broke[...]

Thank goodness for being a modeler!

I just realized that the face mask I bought for modeling last year is an N95, the only one that will give any protection to the coronavirus. Cost me $12. The cheapest one you can find on Amazon now is $25, and they're out of stock till March 13.[...]

Exciting News from AirCorps Library

I've been a subscriber to AirCorps Library for a few year now. I've been able to get several manuals for the CAF SB2C-5 Helldiver and a few other aircraft. They've had drawings in the past, but this is a WHOLE new chapter in their story. An[...]

Last living Flying Tiger gone.

Having been privileged to know five of these guys - three pilots, two groundcrewmen - this is a sad day. They were an amazing and inspiring group. Quite a week for "lasts"

Last ace of “The Few” dies at age 101.

“Wings of the Emperor”…or “The Empire of Japan” another thought for an upcoming Group Build

In addition to the "Korea the Forgotten War" group build that will last during the exact time frame as the war did, (only 70 years later), here's another one I was thinking about. This Group Build would be called "Wings of the Emperor", or "The[...]

Idea for a new Group Build. “Korea, the Forgotten War”

I have several ideas for future group builds. This is one of them. I will post a different article for each one soon. It will start on June 25th, 2020, and end a little more than 3 years later on July 27th, 2023. This will follow the actual[...]

2020 – Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!!! From Hannant's "Future Releases" - ICM release list for 2020: 1/32 CR 42 - several different releases 1/32 Gladiator II and Sea Gladiator (also a "Foreign Services" release) 1/32 PT-13/17 Stearman also N2S-2/5 1/48 He-1[...]

For those interested – Black Friday sale has a Black Friday sale from now till midnight Friday (mountain time), and they have some good prices (examples - Pacific Coast Models 1/32 kits for around $45-$50, Eduard 1/48 Profipack kits for $29.99).