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Next works.

9 responses to Next works.

  1. If you’re takin’ votes, I’d build the A10 first – then the Blackbird – that Harrier is gonna be a bear to make fit if it’s what I think it is (Testors?).

  2. How about alphabetical order A8 then A10 finally SR71?

  3. my vote is on the SR-71 fiirst- overall black will help it get done quicker and maybe motivate you to take on the A-10…

  4. I vote for the Blackbird! But they are all my sort of subject!

  5. The SR-71 was purchased 2 years ago, the Harrier and the A-10 a week ago. It’s the first turn. Regards Richard.

  6. That A-10 kit is nicely detailed. Great cockpit for a late 70s model.

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