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Italeri 1/9 WLA Harley Davidson

June 25, 2018 · in Armor · · 16 · 2.5K

this is the old mold from the 70's

the Harley served U.S. armed forces from 1942 till 1945...they just made the same bike in 42 43 44 and 1945

it was a 750cc flathead motor

this one was attached to Omar Bradleys 12th Army headquarters

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  1. Good-lookin' build, Mr. Mack - I like this.

  2. Beautiful build Bob (now, there's a nice example of alliteration). Helluva Harley (there's another) that must make a nice display. Lovely work.

  3. thank you, David... I'm looking forward to that Stuka of yours now

  4. A great build!

  5. Bob, the Stuka is on the radar (so to speak) we have a house move in 6 weeks so it'll be first up on the new bench.

    Hope you are well, 'see' you soon.

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    said on June 26, 2018

    Good lookin Harley Bob. Great old kits.

  7. Nicely done Bob, looks good.

  8. Nice bike! There’s times I would have liked a gun on my bike...

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