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Review: Eduard 1/48 Hawker Tempest Mk. V Series 1 – In-box review

December 19, 2018 · in Reviews · · 10 · 5.1K

Let's have a look at the all-new Hawker from .

What is it

Eduard 1/48 Hawker Tempest Mk. V Series 1, kit no. 82121
Injection-moulded kit
Self-adhesive masks for canopy
Color-printed photoetched details
Decal sheet with 5 marking options
Retail price approx. 45 EUR

The initial boxing of the kit is called Tempest Mk.V Series 1 and brings the markings of the early Tempests of the 1st production batch, which were distinguished by protruding cannon barrels in the wings. These planes entered the service in ADGB during early 1944 and were employed initially to combat the German V-1 menace and supporting the invasion forces in Normandy in Summer 1944.

There's a choice of five markings on the decal sheet that is printed by Cartograf. The usual Eduard-style masks and colored photoetched sheet are included, with the PE sheet in the latest fashion with the glassed dashboard´s instruments.

The Tempest Mk.V series 2 boxing, with the famous Pierre Closterman- n´s Le Grand Charles markings is going to be released in February 2019. Another Tempest release will follow in June, which is to be Royal Class edition Dual Combo kits, where the main bonus is going to be the book by Mr. Chris Thomas.

A nice 2-minute video demonstration of the kit sprues has also been posted on Youtube by DetailScaleView.

Reviewer's point of view

This is one of these kits that just beg to be built. It's a fantastic new release from Eduard, but for this edition I was disappointed by the awkward solution with the photoetched rear fuselage fishplates. I will be simply skipping them on my model, and prepare to thoroughly enjoy the rest. If you think this is a problem, you might want to wait for the forthcoming late-series boxing. In all other respects, this kit is worth buying.

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  1. Thanks for a very nice quick detailed view of the Tempest. Looks like a nice kit with the extra's offered. The video is a nice touch. I also appreciate your opinion in regard to the fish plates. Something a modeler may wish to consider when it comes down to that point in the build. Pretty much personal choice. The mouldings look nice and crisp throughout. Looks like a winner. Thanks for teasing us with a very nice Tempest kit that will look nice parked next to her RAF stable mates.

  2. An easy solution to the fish plates if you have to have them is to cut them out from Tamiya tape and apply them, then varnish over them, they'll be about the right thickness. I just looked at my 1/32 Tempest V series i from Special Hobby and it doesn't have them and I didn't miss them and no one who's looked at it has commented adversely on that fact. Sooo...

    • I think you're right with regard to the possible solution using tape, and in fact I wondered why Eduard didn't provide the fishplates as part of the self-adhesive canopy mask. The PE parts may look more "professional" but the prospect of applying and aligning these flat and stiff metal pieces over a tightly curved rear fuselage using superglue is calling for all kinds of trouble.

  3. Thanks, Martin. Generally speaking looks like a great kit and the Tempest is a fantastic airplane to build.

  4. Hard to believe Eduard offers this level of surface detail on a 1/48 scale kit
    Thanks for this review Martin
    I have already get this kit and planning to start soon.

  5. So, how the heck did you add comments to your individual photos? The magic of running the site?

    Looks like a great kit. They don’t make a P-51 do they?

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