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Pfalz D XII, (early) Special Hobby, 1:48, Jakob Polinger, Jasta 77b

The name of the pilot is just unsubstantiated speculation, as this pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in his Pfalz D. III and captured by the British. He was supposed to escape from captivity and return to his Jasta, where he [...]

Crash at the Furka Pass Swiss Air Force 27.August 1962

Double training course Fl St 20. Three patrols from Fliegerstaffel 20 had orders to penetrate the Furka over the Gotthard into Upper Valais as part of the maneuvers of the Mountain Army Corps 3 and to attack the troops on the March there [...]

A baby with amazing talents: Grunau Baby IIb school glider

To the original: Grunau Baby IIb Who would have thought that this small and inconspicuous glider was capable of setting world records? Especially when the type name "Baby" doesn't exactly conjure up images of great importance or [...]

Sopwith Pup, Eduard 1:48, flown Arnold Jacques Chadwick, 5 Sqn. RNAS, 11 victories

A few years ago I got two wrecks from a friend which his son hastily put together, a Sopwith Pup and a Sopwith Triplane from old Eduard. Due to the lack of these kits on the market and also because I was sorry to throw them away, I tried [...]