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Updating the old Monogram B-58 (1:48): part 1. tail gun in 3D

Hi everyone! The Hustler is one of my favourite airplane. Beautiful, menacing and a real symbol of the meaninless of the cold war. The Monogram kit is really old but still the best B-58 and I don't think that someone come out a new one in this s[...]

Erosion Never Sleeps – Bristol Beaufighter Nightfighter

After looking at my Beaufighter for five months, I decided that it needed a little roughing-up. So I broke-out the thinner, some swabs, and a bottle of Model Master chrome silver paint and went to town. Along the way, I managed to break the radi[...]

A (Reluctantly) Productive 2020

Taking advantage of the extra down time from the Covid social distancing lockdown I tried to reduce my stash by finishing some simple no-frills OOB builds (**) in addition to ongoing work on regular long term projects. No frills means no afterm[...]

My Completions for the Year: The Class of 2020

This past year has been a very tough year for everyone. People being furloughed, or losing their jobs due to this pandemic. A lot of us found that we had a whole lot of free time on our hands. Not that is a great thing these days, but I'm tr[...]

1:48 Scale Trumpeter Savoia-Marchetti, SM-79 Sparviero (Sparrow Hawk)

This model was a build in the making of about four, maybe five years. One of those builds that was really intriguing at first, but was a constant interest loser for the rest of the time. I'd pick it up now and again, play around with her, and [...]

Hasegawa 1:48 Scale B7A2, Ryusei, Allied Code Named ‘Grace’

Probably the last completion for 2020.... Got away from the bench for a bit during the COVID shite, but I decided to clean up what is hanging about, before starting any other kits. This is Hasegawa's 1:48 scale, Aichi B7A2, Ryusei Kai, Attack [...]

Tamiya 1:48 Scale, P-38G, “Lightning”

Calling this one done...FINALLY... After not spending time at the bench due to a lack of "Mojo", I finally sat me rump down, and got back at this kit. Tamiya's amazing P-38F/G in 1:48 scale. I will not go into a major description of just how [...]

Schmaltzie goes to war: P-47 Thunderbolt, 57th FG ,65th FS

The original With its distinctive appearance, the P-47 Thunderbolt is one of the best known aircraft of the Second World War. The recognition value of a P-47 is indeed high; it is determined by a technical design to which the superior flight per[...]

From the Thunderbolt family album: P-43 Lancer

About the P-43 "Lancer" The history of the P-43 Lancer is closely linked to the development of one of the most famous icons of American aviation, the P-47 Thunderbolt. Just one look at the amazingly similar appearance of the two aircraft can pro[...]

Trumpeter 1:48 Scale SM-79 “Sparviero”

Not one of my favorite models to say the least. This one has been hanging out on the "Shelf of DOOM?" for more than a few years. Looking at it every once in a while, starting in on it....and then putting it back. Love the plane though, just n[...]
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