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Trumpeter 1/48 F9F-2

I had all kinds of trouble with the fit of this kit...probably self-inflicted. This is not my best build. There are all kinds of mistakes on it. I used the Pavla cockpit and nose gear well. The cockpit opening is too small and that puts the [...]

Airfix 1/48 Gloster Meteor F.8

Here's my contribution to the "100 Years of the Royal Air Force" Group build. The Airfix kit left me with somewhat mixed feelings - on one hand it is nicely detailed and goes together well for the most part, on the other hand it suffers from a [...]

RAF 100 Group Build: Hawker Hurricane Mk 1. Willie McKnight, No. 242 Sqn. Airfix 1/48. Where was the RAF at Dunkirk? (Part Two).

Blitzkrieg was a term the Wermacht never officially adopted, probably because Hitler thought it ‘idiotic’ in its simplicity. The view of the Nazi regime was that they were simply reaping the dividends of Germany’s superior industrial and technol[...]

100 Years of the RAF, No. 264 Squadron, circa July 1940, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, England 1/48 Airfix BP Defiant

Here's another completed project from the 100 Years of the RAF group build. This one also happens to be the monthly random kit award that I received from Martin and his staff a while ago. As promised, I wrote a kit review on the model, and[...]

Airfix 1/48 Scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4/B

My first Airfix build for many years was a far cry from experiences with this manufacturer’s kits from years gone by. I’ve had this kit for several years now, one of two bought together in a rash of enthusiasm to produce models of all the known [...]

100 Years of the RAF, 541 Squadron late 1944, Spitfire PR MK XIX, 1/48 Airfix

Here's tonight's entry for the 1940's decade of the RAF. Hopefully tomorrow I can post up a few more from this era. This model is the fantastic new tool Airfix kit. It was released back in 2015 if memory serves me. I saw it in the LHS b[...]

100 Years of the RAF, 56 Squadron mid 1939, Hawker Hurricane Mk I, 1/48 Airfix new tool

This one should have been posted last night as a part of the 1930's decade.......... but I didn't get around to posting it. I had a lot of fun building this one. It's the new tool Airfix Hurricane, and it is a really sweet kit to build. The[...]

News update on Tamiya Spitfire I

For those interested: Kitlinx has the Tamiya Spitfire I next Wednesday - $36 ($34 if you join and sign up) Sprue says next week. LHS says local hobby shops will have it the week after Christmas. (If you have a LHS, the standard price will be [...]

100 Years of the RAF, 56 Squadron, cira 1942, Hawker Typhoon MK-IA, Hasegawa 1/48

My entry in the RAF Group build includes this Hawker Typhoon from Hasegawa. This aircraft began with some troublesome shortcomings but was given the go ahead using the improved Saber IIA engine. The risks were considered reasonable since it was [...]

100 Years of the RAF, No. 19 Squadron circa August 1938, Duxford, UK 1/48 Airfix Spitfire Mk I “early”

This is my second build for the 1930's decade as part of the 100 Years of the RAF (there is yet another 1930's Hurricane Mk I to follow). When I saw that Airfix had released this kit which would build up a very early Spitfire with a two blade W[...]