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My contribution to the Lewis Jaime Joe trilogy...

December 11, 2018 · in Aviation · 6 ≡

My contribution to the Lewis-Jaime-Joe trilogy from last week. As you can see, most are "detail shots" of the various aircraft we were privileged to get near. If there are any questions about what you're seeing, please refer them to Lewis or Jaime, who know what they are. Some were taken to show color differences on one particular aircraft, or rivet detail, etc. Nothing fancy.

It was a great day with a couple fellow iModelers. As I get older, I find my modeling hobby is more about the friends I've made than how many models are collecting dust on my shelves. This day was a prime example. Thanks to both Lewis and Jaime. May the good times continue...

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  1. That P-38 nose art looks like it could be 14th FG. Back about 40+ years ago I knew a modeler up in the Bay Area who had been one of the group nose artists in the 14th FG. He paid cash for his home when he came back from the war with his nose painting! A bit of work like that was easily $1,000 from the pilot and ground crew.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures Joe ! Most look pretty good... except that last one. I think you might have broken your camera on that one... 🙂

    It was a great day for us too. It was especially nice to meet you and Jaime.

    I know that we had a blast !

  3. Great pics, Joe! I didn't see you for a bit while we were wandering around, so now I know what you were doing. You really should be more careful who you hang around with, those two other guys looked a little shady... 🙂

  4. Those last two pictures came from "Wanted" posters I found on this venture. I know you youngsters had a hard time keeping up. I had a fantastic day ! Thanks y'all !

  5. Las fotos de detalles son muy interesantes para los modelistas . Gracias Joe !.

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