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ED-209 “You are illegally parked on private property! “

December 25, 2019 · in Sci-fi · · 5 · 1.9K

Almost missed the deadline for the iModeler at the movies build!
In the unspecified time frame of Paul Verhoven's 1987 film RoboCop a corporation called Omni Consumer Products has entered a contract with Old Detroit to fund and manage the Detroit metropolitan police. RoboCop was the brainchild of Robert Morton and was a secondary project brought to the front burner by a boardroom "glitch" brought about by the menacing ED-209 (Who brings a fully armed prototype into a setting like this anyway?) in which the young assistant Mr. Kinney is laid waste on the table containing a model ed l of OCP's baby, Delta City. For those who have not seen it it turned out to be a great movie despite the hokeiness it could have been. The cast is great, it has a nice musical score and the RoboCop costume itself turned out fantastic. Phil Tippet from ILM undertook the stop motion work to animate ED-209 including incorporating camera flash bulbs in the cannons to light on one frame as the guns are fired. (Which illuminate the arms and body, a nice touch.) ED-209's voice was actually that of Ronny Cox who plays Dick Jones. He read ED's lines thinking it was temporary. They adjusted his voice in the studio to the point Ronny didn't even know it was his when watching the final cut.

The kit is 's vinyl kit from the 90's and is my second attempt at vinyl. With only 17 pieces it went rather quickly. The only modification I made was to open up the towers on the legs. These are molded solid so I cut out the centers and added the cylinder (which should actually be threaded like as screw) with some model car rims for detail. I also added Lego pneumatic tubing for the hoses on the arms and thread for the wiring on the rocket launcher. I goofed and airbrushed with enamels instead of acrylic so it's still tacky. I do wish I had not weathered it as the clean boardroom model looks better IMO. I wish BanDai could do this kit. The vinyl parts are simplified, especially the mid legs which should each have four separate pistons.

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  1. Great job Josh @jpatt1000. One of my favorite "B" movies. Well done!

  2. mmmmm those sexy edges...

  3. I'll buy that for a dollar!

  4. Really, Josh - you posted this on Christmas day? Talk about hiding the Falcon in the Star cruiser's garbage dump...

    This is great - I've never built anything in vinyl - 'liked'

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