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Science fiction, fantasy and mecha model building.

USS Ride

1/1000 Aldrin Class designed by my friend William Barton and 3D printed by same. Custom decals by Gus Snipes at G-Cals. On to the next ! Thanks for taking a 👀!

Justice GundamZAFT Mobile Suit, ET 102

I love Gundam model kits. Bandai just loads these kits with detail and they are incredibly well engineered. Fully articulated after building and they're all press fit. I did glue parts as I was adding LEDs and won't be disassembling [...]

Space Bears

The Space Bears are a faction of the Warhammer Universe. My interpretation is based on the Ojibwe Nation of northern Wisconsin. Please check out the video and don't forget to Like and Subscribe! (link)

The very last build video of the year on the channelWhat is it though?!

Only one way to find out! (link)

1/24 Ripley from Original Alien film

A resin printed 1/24 figure of Ripley from the original Alien film scratch-built base. Figure is well printed but does need some sanding to get a smooth surface. Facial features a bit muddled NOT exactly looking like Sigourney Weaver.

Say again Eagle... you guys crashed into what?

Inspired by one of my favourite Sci-Fi films of all time, the classic 2001 Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubric and based upon the book by Arthur C Clarke. In the Film/book the black obelisk is essentially a probe from a super advanced alien [...]

1/72 Revell Monogram Babylon 5 Starfury

This is built with some modifications. The kit is kinda of a dog...Raised panel lines and does NOT fit well at all. I guess it was in the toy realm of its era. I added some gun barrels from plastic tube stoch and modified the main guns. [...]

Games Workshop 40k Imperial Valkyrie Full build


Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter

Bandai's 1/72 scale Y-Wing fighter from the somewhat popular Star Wars IP. This really is an excellent kit, well designed with excellent detail, it goes together well and really doesn't need to be glued. I did choose to add both photoetch [...]

Batmobile 1989 Movie, AMT 1/25.

1989 1/25 Batmobile, a pretty good model, LED lights were added, some modifications, matte black paint, chrome, aluminum, bronze...30 hours of work, 3 weeks in all. Thanks for watching.