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Detailing Sets

Now im fairly new to modeling and I heard that buying seperate details could help with the look of a build. I know that photo-etch parts are great for detailing builds, but I just dont feel satisfied with the kit provided parts. Could anyone give me some websites that sell seperate parts or extra details? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I can attest to this. Here is a corsair cockpit in 1/32 before details and after details. As you can see, it went from an absolutely poor detail cockpit to a very realistic looking one. Now, this is only my first detail set, but I think it's a good thing to have.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. Brayden, there is a plethora of aftermarket brands out there, so if you feel that your model project benefits from some added detail my advice is for you to browse Hannants website because they store a big slice of what’s available for a certain subject, very intuitive. Buying there or elsewhere it’s your choice obviously.

  3. I'd also suggest that you bookmark Scalemates, You can search the kit you have and find all sorts of information including accessories and mods. It's a great place to find kits manufactured covering just about any subject.

  4. Now, some people think that adding a lot of photo etched and resin stuff is The Key to get a smashing looking model. It can be. But it can also complicate the build, make it messy if you do not master it and ruin you. Many times a sensible and well built model with a decent paint job will do the trick. Many modern kits have all the extra bits you need in the box so there might not be a need to buy anything extra, like Eduards Profipacks. Other high end kit makers, like Tamiya, does not need any extra bits as they are superior in moulding technique. There is a price tag that goes with that but may be well worth it in the end.

    Just some thoughs to consider before you shop away.

  5. For me it depends, I am working on Dragon's Panther G kit, well detailed out of the box, but I still bought a ton of extras for it. Other builds, especially older "classic" kits from Revell or Monogram I tend to build straight out of the box for nostalgia and fun. Ship kits are an area that scream for PE detail, railings ladders and such. Some kits you still are better off with just a bit of scratch made detail. So I suggest you pick and choose, as too much detail, depending on your personality and the way you like to build, can make a fun build just take forever. The RFM Panther kit nearly killed me, still not done, thousands of parts, hundreds of PE parts...just too much! So play around and figure out what's right for you!

  6. As stated above it depends what your trying to accomplish. Most of the new kits have great detail so they really don't need anything. Older kits could use some help if you want to improve the overall detail. For older aircraft models I may add a seat with molded hardness, maybe some exhause stacks or wheels depending on what's in the box. I fine Ultracast out of Canada to be a great source for aftermarket items. When visiting their site just click on type of model, aircraft, Armour etc, then what scale and it will direct you to what they have available by specific model.
    May want to check them out.

  7. With the net up and running it is not all that important where you live, but there may be a question of tax on imports.

    A few of the places I visit are the ones mentioned above, and;,,,

    As I am also rather new, it is my experience that some time with the knife and glue is needed before you use a lot of money on aftermarket items – but the do expand the choices and can make all the difference. Get a few eduard profipacks and you are on your way!

    Happy modeling

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