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M-26 Pershing- 1/35 Dragon

This is the Dragon M-26 Pershing in 1/35. I used Bison decals for a vehicle of the 73rd Tank Batallion, Korea 1950. I have always liked the look of Korean War Pershings and Pattons, especially with later track, so I had to build this one.
I used an RB productions turned metal barrel but little else in aftermarket. I am waiting on a replacement 50 cal. for the roof mount. Stowage is from the spares box (spare track is from the kit).

I rescued this one from disaster when it dropped to the floor, snapping off one front idler wheel. I had a dilemma because the thick but very good rubber band track put too much strain on any plastic axle for the new idler. As a solution, I drilled a hole all the way through the hull and inserted a brass rod to remount the idler. This worked very well to keep the wheel straight under track tension.

This was my first venture using EZ- Mud for Korea as a weathering medium overall. I also pre-shaded with flat black under the various layers and tints of OD plus an oil wash. I also went for a very slight sheen to bring out the casting and in line with photos of Pershings I found on the net. Overall, I quite like the look of the grime. The kit tracks came out almost like metal tracks with a bit of graphite over the EZ mud.

I hope you like one more simple example of armor.

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8 responses to M-26 Pershing- 1/35 Dragon

  1. “Margaret” looks beautiful, nice weathering.

  2. Very nice, very realistic.

    I like the story of the USMC M-26 that led the way up to Chosin all the way to Yudam-ni, then all the way back down to Hamhung. The Pershing did well against the T-34/85 the NKs had.

    • Thanks, Tom. I don’t know if I recall that particular story. Is it in the Zaloga Osprey Book about Pershing vs T-34? Zaloga also emphasizes that the Easy Eight Shermans also did well against the North Korean T-34/85, statistically. Have your seen the Canadian-made documentary series Greatest Tank Battles? The CGI is a bit limited but they have great stories from veterans. I liked the way they covered and recreated Korean War tank battles in one episode.

  3. Excellent job, Colin. I love the looks of it. Very realistic weathering.
    All the best!

  4. Nice work with that Korean War beast! Weathering looks good too, not too overdone.

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