Video: Revell 1:72 B 17F "Memphis Belle"

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This was a very involved project. I spent hours watching and rewatching the Memphis Belle movie, and newly released videos on the restored Memphis Belle. I based the Belle as it was on it's 23rd mission, as on the 25th mission there was extensive damage to the tail. I didn't know this until after the fuselage was glued together. There's a lot of love and frustration gone into this model. It's far from a perfect model, but I'm pretty pleased with the end results.


Titan - Scott Buckley

Omega - Scott Buckley

Snowfall - Scott Buckley

Undertow - Scott Buckley

Midsommar - Scott Buckley

Tears in the Rain - Scott Buckley

Extrapolation - Scott Buckley


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  1. LOVING THIS...unfortunately, mine suffered "Catastrophic" damage when my teenage son SAT ON HER when she was nearly finished.! My local hobby shop has another, which he's put away for me to collect later this year.

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