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Ma.K. FRIEDRICH Panzer Kampf Anzug F, Wave 1/20

I’m not much into SciFi but as soon as I learned a bit about Maschinen Krieger I was absolutely captivated by the looks and aesthetic of the whole thing. To me is the perfect blend of SciFi and military history…a perfect “what if” sort of thing and especially the German WWII references were a total hook. The coolest thing was how smoothly everything flowed with this build. I had the greatest time assembling it and especially during the painting and weathering process. I absolutely loved doing this model!…so much that I will be surely doing more armour models (and other SciFi) for now on, cause they really give you the chance to explore and try lots of weathering techniques.

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6 responses to Ma.K. FRIEDRICH Panzer Kampf Anzug F, Wave 1/20

  1. Hey Jorge, looking at the figure composition I can see why it’s an exciting model, it blends the typical figure with some AFV modelling techniques and it even manages to gives me a Luftwaffe(ish) feel from the mosquito badge used by JG.2 and the face of the soldier is more like a pilot (you even managed to give his face a shell shock gaze) great weathering btw!

  2. This is a wonderful and totally refreshing build, Jorge @jark.
    It indeed combines armor, aviation and figure modeling techniques in a Sci-fi concept.
    So refreshing!

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