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Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, 1/8 snap kit Revell.

May 19, 2021 · in Automotive · · 14 · 1.7K

Well, this time I had to build something unusual for me: a very old Revell snap kit 1/8 of an .

First of all the strange think is that the commitent, a former Harley owner, would like to have a reproduction of the model, as much conformal to te original as possible, without personalization. The agreement was for an OOB construction, except fot the cable and tube coming from the handlebar commands. Few modification has been also made to render a bit more realistic the back license plate holder.

The other difficulty was to find documentation about the specific subject, since most of the Harley are subject to heavy personalization.

The kit is very simple, few pieces hold toghether by robust pins, which does not even require glue. (to add robustness I use it!)

Unfrtunately the original cromed forward fork and suspension could not be use as they were, due to the absurd scomposition, leaving the juction between forward and rear part well visible. Al the cromed parts were brought to the nude plastic, glued toghether if the case, primed with Black gloss Humbrol, and painted with a Crome metallizer of the Model Master Laquer range. Result was good, but not fully satisfactory. I then purcheased the equivalent from the range AK and Alclad. Both are excellent product, with the Alclad slightly superior in terms of brightness. It was applied where required, above the AK gloss primer. I have to say that the use of this color is not simple, very soft layers should be applyed, if not enough, the black primer transpare under the metallic coat, one layer in excess, and the shining crome turn in a flat alluminum. At the end I did it, despite several part ha to be repainted more then once.

Crome Model Master metallizer had his part in the game, due to the fact is worth to be brushed, I use it for the metal stud, fill in good number the saddle bag and the seats.

The last problem was with the decals. Due to their age, look like the glue took a brownish color, well visible under the transparent film. On the black area, like fenders and fuel tank, I had to retouch the area by brush, before to seal evrithig with a Tamiya gloss paint. Unfortunately nothing could be done for the two decal applyed on the cromed air filter and lower carter on the right side. The choise was between to accept the flat apparence, or not to place them. Customer opted for the first solution.

Being the first motorbike, I'm quite happy of the result. The kit are funny to build OOB, but would accept also several improvements, especially in terms of piping aroun the engine. See you soon with a Modelsvit Mirage 2000 in 1/72 under construction.

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14 responses

  1. Fine looking HD. I think the chrome looks appropriate for the scale honestly, and all the saddlebag studs look great!

  2. I like it! Heavy metal thunder. Beautiful build.

  3. Very nice upgrade from snap together to replica.

  4. Love it. Well done. Looks likes its ready to move on down the highway right now.

  5. Really nice, Roberto (@roberto_colaianni). I don't build motorcycles or cars, but I can certainly appreciate the work you put into this masterpiece. Well done.

  6. The leather and studs ate quite impressive!

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    This whole work is a far cry from what one can visualize a SNAP KIT.
    As fellow modeler Andrew stated " the chrome looks appropriate for the scale " but not
    only that, the main color and the studded saddlebag are so well done and achieved .
    Impressive overall work Roberto !

  8. Very impressive result. Bravo!

  9. This is an amazing build, my friend @roberto_colaianni !
    Even more amazing that it's your first bike.
    The decals issue is not visible at all, looks perfect form here
    Looking forward to your Mirage2000!

  10. Nice job on this “basic” kit, I’m sure your friend is happy.

  11. Really Nice job on this kit.

  12. Thanks all for the comments, glad you like it.

  13. About the studs, after I finish them, I had to buy new glasses?

  14. That’s a beauty. Can’t say enough about the final product. Nice work on a great piece of Americana.

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