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Review: Looking for an excuse to drag out your F-89 kit? Here it is!

It's certain that there are a large number of modelers who have Revell's big 1/48 F-89D/J Scorpion sitting on the Shelf of Doom. Here's a reason to drag it out and set to work.

Chad Summers () has created a 3D-printed resin tank for the and J model Scorpions, with the missiles in the launch position.

Four nicely-designed and cleanly-printed parts make up the tank - all you have to do is attach them the way they fit, since they're keyed for proper alignment. There are six AIM-4s and their launchers, with the launchers also having a key inside the well for proper alignment.

Cost is $25.00 and USPS shipping. Chad can be contacted at [email protected]

These are really nice. If you do the kit as one of the 89 new-build F-89H or the rebuilt , you can get away with using the kit decals.

I'm also including two photos of the late "Bondo Phil" Brandt's F-89H he scratch-modified, to give an idea of what your model could look like, using this set.

I bought these last week after they were announced, and I am sure that my F-89 kit will be coming out of the Storage Box Of Doom soon.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Oh, does he have his video out? These parts look awesome.

  2. I had no idea that Falcons were such configured at the Scorpion.
    The 3D prinred parts look awesome.

  3. I am embarrassed to say my Dad burned F-89’s at Keflavik AFB for training when I was young. I’ll dig out my photos..

  4. Nicely 3D printed parts.
    Assembled it looks pretty futuristic.

  5. This will make this classic kit even more imposing.

  6. Those look really well done.

  7. Oh, no . . . the Mrs. said: No more models. I can quit this hobby at any time. Fat chance of that happening with this.

    The F-89 is the aircraft that saved Northrop from going into bankruptcy after the cancelation of the Flying Wings. Is the plane that represents the "Drop and Roll" generation and fired the first nuke the Genie missile. The great equalizer when used against formations of Russian bombers that never where. Could take on F-102s in a dog fight with the caveat that no after burners were used and where given to guard units with live Nukes. My father talked about arming them during the Cuban Missile Crisis. For me the shocking thing was that the missiles where so close to my home. In the sixties the F-89 was given to the "Flying Clubs" or the guard units when compared to the Century series. But when you've got the equalizer . . .

    Well just have to order a kit.

  8. Yes sir, I too have that Revell kit sitting in the dark corner of the stash. It's a big old box that I occasionally open and take a look inside. I've seen a few great examples built, including Phil Brandt's I believe. Thanks for the heads up Tom! 🙂

  9. Damn I miss Bondo’s builds. He was fearless and built any kit no matter how bad it was and turn out a gem. Thanks Tom!

  10. It looks good. I'm still blown away by Bondo's work on building the missile/fuel tanks for the H model.

    Only problem I've found with building an F-89 these days is the lack of decals especially if you want something other than the kit decals which are the old Monogram ones (glossy and crappy) . Aeromaster produced a number of sheets in the early 2000s and they are long OOP. If they are available they can be really expensive (I've managed to trade for decals.)

    FYI, I'm "planning" on building an F-89 in the next "couple" of "years".

  11. Thanks for the heads up Tom! I just ordered a set last night (along with intakes for my B-58). I have a C and J in the works to go with my already finished D. The H was the one I wanted to finish the set.

  12. Well, I just went and spent Thirty! Five! Dollars! at an Etsy seller last night to get the only sheet of 1/48 decals for the F-89H I could find after an hour's internet search. Proof that the Law of Supply and Demand does indeed exist.

    I'll be able to do this airplane in 1/48 (rather than the 1/72 here) - hopefully with a Bondo Phil-style NMF:

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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