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Simple airbrush aids

I would like to share a few simple tips that you might find helpful during airbrushing.

Simple rig for holding small parts

Often pieces are too delicate to push into Blu-Tack or to hold using an alligator clips. This tool is easily made of polystyrene or wood and holds small parts using painters tape.

(A) Don’t make it too long as the tape will start ‘floating’ while airbrushing. The slots are just a bit deeper than the width of the tape (A1). Use a piece that is wide enough to leave some ‘meat’ after cutting the slots for some strength (A2).

(B) Cut a length of painters tape which goes through both slots, sticking to the underside of the tool and keeping the upper part nicely tight in place.

Two variations I made (the holes are to hang them off my ‘tools wall’):

Airbrush cleaning

I read this tip in a magazine, but find it so helpful I wanted to share it here.

Using dental brushes for cleaning your airbrush. They are cheap, small, made of plastic and can be used several times before discarding.

9 responses

  1. Excellent tips, Joost. Thanks!

  2. Joost, some really good tips. I already use the little dental brushes and must say they work great.

  3. Thanks for sharing those, Joost.
    To keep the masking tape from floating I will tape the long edges down as well by just catching the edges with more tape.

  4. Great tips, Joost!
    I usually used bare tape to hold small parts, holding it from one end with my one hand, while airbrushing with the other hand, the tape floating with a mess/chaos created! Your tip is really great and I will definitely use it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tips, Joost @joostverbeek
    Especially the rig.
    The dental solution works flawlessly, I use this approach also with different sizes of brushes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great tips Joost ! I will look where to get those dental brushes. I use pipe cleaners And trim them down with wire cutters and also twist them for the larger holes. q-tips don’t get into small orifices But also very useful.

  7. Thanks Joost, must try the dental brushes, here's my variation on the painting jig, a strip of balsa, blu tack and masking tape.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Thanks for this, it's brilliant

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