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Tamiya kit, U.S. Navy, USS Fletcher (DD-445)

August 15, 2022 · in Ships · 12 · 1K

Another very good quality Tamiya model. I tried to follow the instructions carefully, but got the bridge platforms on the wrong sides. But it was too late to correct my mistake after realizing it because the glue had dried, so I added some “things” to try to cover up my mistake. So be it. Not too noticeable now I believe. This, as many may know, was the lead ship in her class. I was on the USS Norris (DD-859) a Gearing-Class destroyer, for a while, when I was in the Navy back in 1968. (1965-1969)

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  1. Great looking Greyhound!

  2. A wonderful result, Emmet! We do not see so many ships here and seeing such gorgeous models is really amazing!

  3. Great result indeed, Emmet @bmolloy
    Maybe you could mention the scale, because with quality builds it is often difficult to judge what scale it is build in.

  4. Thanks. Ok, it is 1/350 scale.

  5. Love that someone is posting ships! I used to do ships exclusively but time and space constraints have changed that. Still have a 1/350 USS Missouri in my stash just itching to be built. Seeing you post ships might just make me take the plunge and get it out! Well done on a great model and thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks good! I noticed your model has two sets of torpedo tubes. My father was a torpedoman on the USS Kirkpatrick (DDE 318) on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. He said that after a while, the Navy figured out that torpedoes were useless on a destroyer escort (especially trying to fire them on a rolling deck in the North Atlantic) and removed them. Off my father went to gunnery school in St. Augustine, Florida to get his second rate as a gunner. By the way, the Kirkpatrick was manned by a Coast Guard crew.

  7. If you hadn’t told us about the bridge platforms we would probably have never known. It looks very ship shape, Emmet.

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