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Revell 1/72 Victor Colour Scheme

September 11, 2022 · in Aviation · · 15 · 598

Hello fellow modelers, This is my first time on this site so I hope it all goes to plan with regards to colour scheme advise from members for my .

Yes I have made the mistake of having the Revell kit bought for me as a Xmas gift years ago but I have never got into the stage of building because I have never seen a build kit in the colour that I want. I have spent a lot of time on the internet to try and find the colour I want but with no joy. I want to paint the plane as in the one that is based at Bruntingthorpe which seems to be Pink with off white underside. Has anyone seen this plane in this colour scheme or have I got it totally wrong. I have got this coloured plane on DVD and it is on You tube but I have never seen the kit version done like this. Also with regards to this really bad quality kit the engine intakes are appalling the two halves of the wing go together and the gaps on the intake vanes are terrible, Has anyone used the one piece resin intakes that are available. Look forward to hearing your views on both my issues.

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  1. A warm welcome to iModeler, Leslie @les
    Although I'm not really into those Victors, I did find the following remark about the aircraft you are refering to.
    "The repaint she had in 2010 came out more of a desert pink colour, rather than the hemp colour she is meant to be. The paint has faded over time and is now looking much less pink than she once did a few years back."

    • High John thanks for replying I really like the pink colour its so different and who in there right mind would paint a plane in pink, one to many sherries I think, anyway if I ever get round to completing this model It will definitely be put on this site then watch out for the fallout.

  2. Ditto with @johnb 's comments, Leslie! Originally these planes sported a "Desert sand" top, a sand color that in cases exhibited a hint of pinky-ish shade, with the bottom sides done in very light gray. These shades quickly faded, so the typical discussions on shades accuracy went ballistic! So, your choice of "sand" top and a very light gray bottom are definitely acceptable
    Welcome aboard!

  3. Hi Leslie, welcome to iModeler, we would like to see some pictures of your Victor.

    • Hello George I was thinking about putting some pics on beings it is going to be so different but it will take me a while to get it built, I have had some Salmon pink mixed up but I have darkened it down with some black, It could be a disaster or look really different but acceptable, Time will tell.
      Thanks for replying. Take care.

  4. Yeah just had a look at the Groups section, might be worth doing that if I have the nerve to cut the original wings to fit the resin engine intakes. Might help other modellers out as well

  5. Welcome, Leslie (@les). I don't build a lot of British bombers, so I can't help much. Looking forward to seeing your photos of the finished kit.

  6. Hello to you all, Well I was having a good look at this Revell kit last night and to honest I am really wondering if the kit is worth my time and effort to build it. I went onto You tube again last night and got a review of the kit, It turns out the kit is actually a 1970s Matchbox kit, which would explain the really poor quality, All Revell have done is to put the kit in one of there boxes and supply new decals. Like all the other kits that have been made I was going to have the rear airbrake panels closed, they are not even the right shape and will not fit without some serious filling work.

    I am not experienced enough to start filling and sanding down areas to make good. Hats off to all you modellers who sand down all the panels and then re score the lines back in. Anyway I am thinking of getting the Airfix kit instead if I can get one at a sensible price, There is one on Ebay for £75 which does seem quite good.

  7. Hey, Leslie, maybe try out the A to Z guide on this site, look under V for Victor, there are quite a few posts there.

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