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TIGER 1 Initial RFM--"Siege of Leningrad"

March 27, 2024 · in Armor · · 12 · 194

Hey everyone.

I'm posting my recent pics of the RFM Initial Production, Leningrad 1943. The RFM kit is just excellent! I think maybe RFM makes some of the best kits on the market today. So clean and crisp with excellent attention to detail. Granted I didn't use the included markings for the kit, but instead kinda created my own version of the kit with inspiration from the Dragon kit for this same model. I painted with Tamiya as usual. Some subtle hairspray chipping and then used lots of oils and Mr Hobby weathering products which are just awesome. Overall I am happy with how it came out. Such a cool paint scheme.

I hope you enjoy it and please comment, criticize and share you thoughts. If you have questions, please let me know.



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  1. Such an imposing machine...all business. Great build, looks lifted right out a WWII photo.


  2. @graemestreet
    Graeme your Tiger is one of the best I’ve seen built, and the winter version is one of the most appealing of them all.
    Painting that white wash camouflage and the subsequent weathering in spot on to my eye, very realistic indeed.
    For curiosity sake what were those Mr Hobby weathering products you used?

    • Thanks @holzhamer. That’s a really nice compliment. This one just came together well. I used their dark brown mud. Enriched it with some dark oil paint and some real dirt I think. I often use real dirt in my mixes. Adds realistic texture. I also used their wet effect. You’ll see some more of the colors and uses on my next realest. I used all of the Mr Hobby products. Thanks again. Glad you liked it. G

  3. Fantastic result, Graeme!

  4. Absolutely enjoying this build, Graeme @graemestreet
    The weathering effects and details are really stunning.

    • Much thanks @johnb. I’ve gotten a little better at my photo skills. That has helped make the models look more realistic and large scale. Wait till you see my Easy 8 coming out. 1/16! Big boy. Just finished it this week. G

  5. Grrr, lovely Tiger.

  6. That is some amazing weathering work, Graeme! 👏 Your Tiger looks very realistic and quite attractive in that winter scheme. I'm really glad you shared it with us as I about to begin Tamiya's venerable Tiger I myself. Your article is great inspiration for me and gives me some good ideas as well! 👍

    @graemestreet, You've got yourself a winner here, Graeme! 🏆

  7. Beautiful build & weathering! The kind of armor weathering I hope to one day get to. Love it.

  8. Tremendous work. Looks as real as my I’ve ever seen. Your photos are top notch too. Obviously not iPhone images

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