Meraviglie in Scala 1:1

April 30, 2024 · in Aviation · 12 · 183

Sunday I visited the Vigna di Valle Museum, half an hour's drive from Rome.
I was able to see up close many planes that I admire and in particular 3 of the next ones that I want to represent.
The Macchi M.39 winner of the 1926 Schneider Cup, the CANT 506Z that my wife's grandfather flew and a P51D (F51) that I will represent just like the one exhibited at the Museum.
I'll post some of the thousand photos I took... marvels.

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  1. Wow, that is a great museum, Davide @dapo68
    For sure you had a wonderful day out there.
    Unfortunately during my recent visit to Rome we were not able to have a visit as well.
    I noticed on one of your pictures that they seem to have a SM79 as well, do you have more pictures taken of the Sparviero.

  2. Yes. I have some... here they are

    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. Looks like you had a good day out, Davide, thank you for sharing the photos with us.

  4. You certainly had a wonderful time there, Davide @dapo68!
    Thanks for sharing these amazing pics!

  5. G’day Davide (@dapo68),
    My family and I visited the museum on Christmas Eve 2017 and the five of us had a great time as there were only two other visitors. After that we toured the nearby castle for a day that we all enjoyed.
    I loved seeing the elegant Schneider Cup racers and the WWII aircraft, the latter being my particular interest. There is also a fair selection of post war aircraft, too.
    It is great to see your photos.

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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