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Hi all,born 1947 in Grimsby,moved to Portsmouth 1950.Various jobs until I became a bus driver for 30 years.Started Scratch building models when I retired at the age of 59.I only work with wood.Married two children,three grandchildren.

Scratch made rifle

Scratch built wooden model of a WW1 Lee Enfield sniper rifle.18 inches long.Made from oak.

40mm Bofors gun.

This is a scratch built wooden model of a 40mm Bofors gun at 1/12 scale made from pine and ply.Took 4 weeks to make on and off.Copied from a 1/72 kit but with a lot more detail.

Scratch built wooden model

I know it’s been a while since I showed you a model I’ve made.This is a 1/18 scale of a Flak 88 AA/AT gun. I showed a smaller one last year.

Japanese T74 MBT.

I’ve put this model on before but I‘be made a few changes to it.First a new reshaped turret,wider tracks and better guide teeth on the tracks. I copied the dimensions from the Tamiya 1/35 scale kit which I‘ve placed next to it for [...]

40mm Bofors gun.

It’s been a long time since I put a model on the site,so here is a scratch built model of a 40mm Bofors gun I made from wood.At full elevation it’s nine inches high.

20mm Oerlikon

Scratch built 20mm Oerlikon.The barrel is 6.5 inches long.Apart from the main spring.the rest is wood.

Winchester Rifle

This is a scratch built model of a Winchester rifle.It’s 10 inches long and made from wood.Just something I knocked up while waiting for the kettle to boil.😄

Twin 40mm Bofors

This is a scratch built model of twin 40mm Bofors I made a couple of years ago.I’v done a little bit of work on them recently by taking off 10mm off each barrel and giving it a new paint job after seeing a picture of this paint scheme [...]

A pair of German WW2 guns.

A pair of scratch built German field howitzers.Not sure of the scale,they were copied from pictures.I would say about 1/18 scale.Both are made from wood.

Scratch built machine gun.

This is a scratch built model of a Lanchester machine gun issued to the Royal Navy during WW2 because the army didn’t want it. It was made from quality materials and proved better than the Bren gun.It’s eleven inches long and made from [...]