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Aircraft and naval, small scales. Some armor lately

MIL MI-26 Halo, Zvezda, 1/72

This is another of my "Long Term Builds"... in fact they all are. Just for Fun, I scratchbuild it engine, rebuild cockpit (I really don´t like decals for instrument panels), Added some bits of palstic, wires and stretched sprues [...]

P-36 Hawk, First Massive Scratch Build

Well then... some years ago I didn´t know about brands and qualities... and this kit fell in to my lap, once open I realized the totally lack of details, so I tough.. can I do Something about it? and started to add plastic bits, pieces [...]

Kyushu J7W1 Shinden, Hasegawa 1/72

This is a simple kit... when you do it OOB, in this case I made some scratch in it... actually a lot I build the Nose Guns Compartment, Wheel bay, some scratch in the cockpit. and massive modifications in the hul in order to scratchbuild [...]