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I'm from Zadar, Croatia. I took my love for airplanes and helicopters in left hand, my ever present inner child in right hand and PUFF...there came my passion for plastic modeling.

Zvezda 1/48 Mi-24 Hind, Croatian Air Force

I was wondering if I could make decent effect of launching flares. For this project I chose well known Mi-24 HIND, and Zvezda was logical choice of manufacturer. I decided to ditch provided decals and go with markings of Croatian Air Force [...]

ZVEZDA 1/48 Mi-8T Aeroflot Arctic Transportation

One of my favorite helicopters and I've been waiting for a long time for a decent and affordable kit in 1/48 scale. As soon as Zvezda issued this kit I had to order one. My father used to fly Mi-8 for a while (Croatian Air Force Transport [...]

1/48 ZVEZDA Su-25 Frogfoot (Grach)

I don't choose my models, they choose me. I see a picture in my head and try to make it happen. Some time ago I saw a video of Frogfoot firing unguided rockets and had to put all my projects aside until I recreated what I saw. Zvezda was [...]

Great Wall Hobby; 1/48 MiG-29 Fulcrum

I've been waiting for a while to get my hands on decent Fulcrum kit. In last moments I resisted to get cheaper Revell and Academy kits and decided to save money for GWH. I must say, this kit is worth every penny. Perfect fit, not simple, [...]

1/35 Revell OH-58 Kiowa, Croatian Air Force

During War for independence (1991-1995), despite imposed embargo on weapons, Croatian Air Force managed to purchase 7 Mil Mi-24D/V Helicopters. First ones arrived by the end of 1993 and after intense crew training were first time [...]

1/35 Academy OH-58 Kiowa

First out of two Kiowas in my stash is completed. I've started simultaneous build of both Academy and Revell models. One is for myself, other one is commission build. Since I have to put commission build model in more or less [...]

1/72 Kovozavody Prostejov Piper Pa-25 Pawnee Crop Duster

I don't even know what to say about this model. The idea of a crop duster in action came up to my head, thought about it for few weeks, finally found some time to isolate myself from the world and make it happen.

1/72 Kovozávody Prostějov Zlin 242L, Croatian Air Force, 93rd Base

93rd Air Base, or 93rd Wing of Croatian Air Force, was founded in 1992 with main purpose of educating and training future pilots. 93rd Wing consists of Helicopter Squadron and Airplane Squadron. Helicopter Squadron operates 8 Bell 206b [...]

1/48 EDUARD MiG-21bis Croatian Air Force, 22nd Squadron (1995)

After two modernized MiGs from 191st Squadron ((link)) I tried to go back to the past. 22nd Squadron of Croatian Air Force was formed on November 6th 1991 as predecessor of newly formed Croatian Air Force. Together with 1st Fighter [...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat

It's big, it doesn't fit into my display case. It's another US airplane. It's another dull, boring grey model. It's well aged... But it's Tomcat...you can't have a model collection without Tomcat! Few years back a bought an open [...]