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I have been doin this since I was 8 and did a horrible job on an old Hawk V-! kit. That was 55 years ago. I have gone thru hundreds of kits, yes hundreds because they were cheap when I was a kid, 25 to 89 cents each. Didn't get good at painting till the last 20 years.
Have gotten a few pictures into FSM, sold a few privately and my best efforts went into a display at the Pacific Aviation Museum recreating the Battle of Midway.

What do you get when you cross old hood orniments with 50's Aircraft Technology?

The Car companies of the 50's all tried hard to cash in on the lightning advances in Aviation. Chevy, Ford and especially Oldsmobile came up with some fantastic basic designs. A little work in photo shop, a new history and you have a bunch [...]

Battle of Midway A Monster Diorama Project.

I can't take credit for the project but I did do the detail work, (kit construction and modifications), and helped with some of the engineering, as it applied to my kits. The diorama is at the Pacific Air Museum at Pearl Harbor. It has [...]