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Took up the modelling game again 1 year ago after something of a 30 year break haha. I’ve learnt a lot and strive to improve my skills. Kits, conversions, upgrades and now ‘ scratch builds ‘! Military ships from WW1/WW2 is my main thing but tanks, subs also. Regia Marina, Kriegsmarine, Royal Navy, Soviet it’s all good!

1/350 SOVIET CRUISER MOLOTOV WW2scratch build

This is my first ‘ scratch build ‘ and it’s taken me a good 5 months. I have done a couple of couple of conversions before such as the POLA / GRAF SPEE ( which I will post next in her pre-River Plate raiding look which includes ALL [...]

Hobbyboss Heavy Cruiser POLA

Inspired by Ulf Lundberg this is my Hobbyboss RM Pola. This CHEAP kit needed ALOT of love and care to get her to any level of acceptable realism. There was just so much WRONG with her. I could easily supply a list of upgrades and DIY bits [...]