Mitsubishi A6M2b, Model 21, Type 0, Reisen or “Zero”

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Finally finished this 1:48 scale A6M2b, Type 21, Model 0.

   I found the overall build to be decent. Great in some spots and a somewhat, pain in the arse in others.

   While detail in the cockpit, engine and wheel bay are very well done, there are a few construction issues with the the attachment points of the lower wing, to the fuselage. That's a tricky spot that could have been engineered a little better.  If you line up the rear joint, you get an odd gap at the front, and visa versa.  I chose to line up the front, because fixing a gap at the rear join, was WAY easier to fix.  It's not a huge flaw, just be aware.  The kit it a pretty nice kit, and is the best of this "Zero" variant there is in 1:48 scale.  (I am hoping Tamiya does a new tool version in the future, on par with their A6M3, Model 22, and A6M5 Model 52.  Both are spectacular.)

  I used Model Master Enamels for paint, choosing to go with SAC Bomber Tan as the main color as it pretty closely matches pieces of shot down "Zeros" from Pearl Harbor.  Decals are a combination of the kit's, and spares box.  Seat harness was made of paper strips, cut from the instruction sheet.  The build is an OOB.

    Markings are those of Po1c, Sugiyama Takeo, assigned to the fighter unit aboard the Japanese carrier, HMIJS Soryu, during the Battle of Midway, in June of 1942.  I was originally hoping to get this model finished in time for the Battle of Midway Group Build, but as they say, "Life Happens"
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  1. Looks great Freddie ! I'm happy to see you finished you Midway GB project. Too bad they quit producing the Model Master SAC bomber tan. It was a great color to represent Ame Iro. I used the same color on my last A6M which was built as part of our Midway GB. Lighting can change the way it looks dramatically.

    Well done Sir !

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Don't recall seeing a Zero painted in that color (then again, there's a lotta things I "don't recall" - 🙁 ) - and I also didn't know ya can't get SAC Bomber Tan anymore - I'd better be frugal with the ones I have then, huh?

    • I would try to conserve what you have unless you're ready for mixing up some. They have stopped producing several other colors in the same line.

      The lighting used during the photography gives his zero a more of a brown color.

  3. Great Zero, Fred! It's such an iconic plane and yours is great. Like Craig, I "don't recall" any Zekes in this color, but volumes could be written about what I "don't recall!" LoL!

    • I'm fairly certain that the lights used when the pictures were taken caused the plane to look more brown in shade. The color usually doesn't look this dark or brown.

      • Hey Louis,
        Merry Christmas!
        You are correct on all points. One, the lighting makes the color appear darker than it really is, and two, Testors has stopped producing the paint. I have bought a few bottles to horde the color a tad...I left some for others, to be fair, and I am presently searching for a replacement.

  4. Looks like a nice build, Frederick, whatever issues there might be about the colour.

  5. Hello Frederick,
    Excellent finish of this example from the " IJN Soryu." Also the aircraft markings are very interesting.
    Just finished the book "Shattered Sword", describing the Battle of Midway from the Japanese side. 4 carriers lost in a matter of hours. One of them the "IJN Soryu." The book is an in dept study into the timeline from both sides. It was all much different than what we were told many years ago. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

    • Hey Dirk!
      Thank you for your input about the markings. I have read Shattered Sword and that is the book I used as the inspiration for this build, including the number of blue fuselage bands, which was changed on the eve of the battle.

  6. Nice work! Merry Christmas!

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