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I’m rediscovering the magic of model making, something that has not been a part of my life for nearly three decades!

I can remember the unbridled joy it used to give me as a young lad when, with pocket money in hand, I’d soon find myself of a Saturday morning eagerly scanning the rows and rows of boxes in my local model shop trying to decide which kit to take home with me for that week’s enjoyment. Now I want to recapture that excitement and the pride of a kit well made.

Little & Large & a cruise

The Christmas waffle about nothing in particular and stuff in particular.

High Planes Racers 1/48 “Precious Metal II”

As featured in December's Scale Aircraft Modelling (Volume 36, Issue 10)

What’s on the bench – November 2014.

A biggee about the bench. And what's on it.

FineMolds 1/72 Imperial TIE Fighter

They come in a variety of types: Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor and now Mojo Buster! Note: I haven't painted the laser canon (more…)

Revell’s 1/72 F4U-1A Corsair

A little Whistling Death for your delectation.

Sprue tour! Hobby Boss 1/48 Blohm & Voss BV141

An inbox review courtesy of AeroScale Part of the KitMaker Network

Sprue tour! Revell 1/72 Vought Corsair F4U-1A

One of those surprising finds one finds when one finds one isn't looking for one.

Trumpeter’s 1/48 Westland Whirlwind: Reveal

Kit graciously supplied by the KitMaker Network

Weathering the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon MkIb

A wee tutorial of sorts on one of the methods I use to age an aircraft's airframe. The finished article (more…)

LTP – Revell’s Republic Star Destroyer Pt1

LTP = Long Term project. Because I don't have enough of them already. :)