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MiG-29UB of the Azerbaijan Air Force

May 14, 2016 · in Aviation · · 24 Comments

Here's my rendition of the a plane that appears to have been sold by the Ukrainian AF to the Azerbaijan AF (as far as I can tell). It's been stripped of its paint so it looks to be pretty weathered. I used an old MiG-29UB kit that I bought over 15 years ago and built it pretty much out of the box because I wanted to see just how much painting alone could improve an average kit. I did use Wolfpack resin seats and a pitot from Master. The metal finish was a combination of Ak Xtreme Metal and Alclad. I also used Alclad clear yellow and armored glass along with white aluminum to produce the anodizing on the belly of the fuselage. The primer yellow was also a combination of Mr Paint Lemon Gray and Vallejo acrylics. The yellow acrylic was mixed using German Yellow, yellow, white and yellow green. This was used for the chipping effects since that can't be done with the Mr Paint. I managed to match the two colors almost perfectly. The pink seal around the cockpit is a mixture of Vallejo red, skin tone and white. Weathering was just a simple use of Ammo of Mig panel washes. The exhausts turned out pretty well and although, not accurate they still look great because of the 11 different paints I used on them (Titanium, dark aluminum, pale burnt metal, burnt metal, jet exhaust, duraluminum, clear yellow, clear blue, clear violet, exhaust manifold, burnt iron).

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24 responses

  1. A most accurate representation of an aircraft not easily replicated, George. A very nicely done rendition, I must say.

  2. that build looks awesome, George. Realistic weathering doesn't even come close

  3. George, great idea and amazing execution! Wonder what the "new" owners are going to paint it?

  4. Really incredible George. You nailed this one. Even in it's ugly state..
    A real beauty.
    California Steve

  5. Thank you, Gentlemen.

  6. George this is an extremely well executed finish that's not easy to replicate. My choice for a winner in May. Well done!

  7. An amazing masterpiece in colorization and mixture of various paint types. You sure answered your own challenge big time. Nice work George.

  8. Beautiful work, George.

  9. Not my favourite subject, but weathering and realism are amazing!

  10. Than you all for comments. I appreciate them.

  11. Extremely authentic.

  12. This is without a doubt one of the best "extreme weathe4ring" projects I have ever seen. You'd have Jamie Haggo gasping for breath.

  13. I've followed your WIP with interest and the finished model is really excellent, very well thought out.

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    said on May 16, 2016

    Superb work. Nice one

  15. Wow - just gorgeous! After you comment about the belly, you should have given us a glimpse! Not too late to add a pic or two...

  16. Master Modeler.

  17. Very cool build George, very different! A great work in progress to match!

  18. Very nice work on the mig

  19. that is some AWESOME weathering! SUCCESS!

  20. You are really an Artist George, never seen such a great effect!

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