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I have been building scale models since I was a child, but in the mid nineties I suddenly just stopped and went through the usual routine: got married, raised a couple of children, got divorced. I got back to this wonderful hobby 2018 after a nearly 30 years break and literally picked up where I left...in the middle of building a fw 190 D9. Discovered that a lot has changed, to the better. I’ll keep on building as long as the mojos there, mostly airplanes.

BF 110 E in progress

The camo on this 110 will be black bottom and dark green RLM 72 on top side. I wanted to see if I could attack a uniform black belly side and Dark green top side from a different angel with a realistic weathering. I am not a big fan of pre [...]

P-80 1/72

I have a love and hate relation towards limited run kits from small companies , on one hand they can be a pain in the ... : no guiding pins, poor fit, instructions that leaves you guessing, and so on, on the other hand they challenge your [...]