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I've been interested in airplanes all my life as far as I can remember. As a kid I got into modeling in the early eighties. Tried to become a fighter pilot but I flunked the math exams (stupid me) so I became an engineer which has harder math, lol. Modeling slowly disappeared when I went to uni. Think my mom threw away my first plastic models along the years although I recently found some old boxes in the attic.

Fast forward to 2019 where my brother got me a small 1/144 F-16 starter kit for my birthday. That got me hooked again. Over the following months I got more into it, getting better equipment, paints, learned new techniques and so here we are today. The small F-16 got wrecked by the cleaning lady 🙂 but all the rest is recent history.

Advancement on the Alpha Jet

So I'm a few weeks underway building the Alpha Jet (see previous post) and it has been... well a bit challenging. The kit is clearly old and that shows in two domains. First and foremost, the fit is not very good. A lot of parts and joints [...]

1/48 Wingman Models Alpha Jet Belgian Air Force

Started my new build: the 35 years BAF Alpha Jet celebration. This is actually a rebox of the old Kinetic Alpha Jet including a resin cockpit and wheels, extra photo etch parts, masks and a brass cannon. The kit also contains extra [...]

1/48 Me163 with Schleuch-Schlepper and pilot from Gaspatch Models

Hey guys, first post here. I finished my latest project, a diorama with a Me 163 along with towing vehicle and figures. Pilot, Schlepper and Me 163 are from Gaspatch Models in Greece. Outstanding quality and detail! Go get it if you are [...]