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So, I made a New Year’s Resolution to clear the Shelf of Doom in 2021. Build ’em or bin ’em.

I finished the Fiat G.55 that had been hanging around since 2007(!), and got a good result; built the sub-type I wanted to do all along, found the right decals in the stash, and I like what I see. In fact, I had to ask myself, “Self, WTF were you thinking? This is a good model!” And I am finding the same feeling working on the next two. In fact, doing this has “brought up the Mojo” in more than models.

I’ll bet this works for others, too. So, here’s the deal: the group runs till December 31, 2021. You do as many from your Shelf of Doom as you want, but YOU HAVE TO FINISH THEM BY THE END OF THE YEAR. If you don’t you have to bin ’em and provide a photo of it in the trash. Since modelers are well-known cheapskates, nobody will want to do that, so everyone will get the model done and off the SoD.

Trust me, this works.

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