Douglas B-26K Counter Invader in 1/48th

Started by Chuck A. Villanueva · 125 · 1 week ago
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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    I'm in with the ICM kit,

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    Spiros Pendedekas said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Looking forward to your progress, my friend @uscusn!

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    John vd Biggelaar said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Great entry, Chuck @uscusn
    Looking forward to this being build.

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    Tom Cleaver said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    In case you are interested, there is a resin wheel set - the kit really needs them. The main wheels are too big and don't even look close to what was there. Go to e-Bay and search "B-26 Invade wheels - you want one with the "straight" tread. Sergey from Vector Models has produced a resin nose (this one has been conclusively demonstrated to be too short) and it will be at Victory Models the end of the month. I have the wheels in transit and will order the nose, then get to work on mine.

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    Marcus Vinicius Teixeira Borges said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Lookin forward to it Chuck.

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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Tom -Thanks I was aware the wheels were off and already got them to replace the kit wheels, The original Paragon set I used on the Monogram kit back in the mid 90's were lacking the correct type of wheel used on the B-26K, they are not a spoke design but are actually Boeing 707/KC-135 wheels. At the time of the build I was not aware of that, certain websites did not exist at the time of the build. Cutting edge actually provided the correct wheels, when they released their B-26K mod set. My B-26K did not survive an accidental fall off the shelf from someone who didn't know how to just look no touch. I was able salvage the resin parts for a future build someday. I compared the nose to the kits provided one and noticed how short the nose seemed to be in the kit, Having another ICM kit (B-26B)in the stash with the fuselage halves already off the sprue I did a comparison. And will use the Paragon nose on the ICM "K" kit. And it seems to match ok though it was designed for the Monogram, I was a bit worried it may be too wide. As the Monogram kit is wider compared to the ICM slender fuselage. Still will see once things start coming along.

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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    Thanks Spiros, cannot wait to see what subject you will choose to work on
    Thanks John looking forward to your entry
    Thanks Marcus you beat us to the punch on a Vietnam GB, we were planning this after the Korean War GB ended. But you know now is better than later.

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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    Starting on the Counter Invader. Just about finished with the Monogram B-26B, quite large and space consuming to have even 2 on the bench much less sharing it with a Mosquito, a large Tu-2, the ICM Invader and the F-82 Twin Mustang which is a large aircraft.

    So lets begin with what we get in the box. I will by pass what we already know about the base ICM B-26, and just look at the specific parts that make this the "K" variant. Popping the lid is the main white box that has a lid that flips open to reveal 2 bags of parts. The instructions and decals are under the bags.

    The main instruction booklet to build the plane, and then a separate set of instructions to assemble the ordnance, paint and markings.

    2 decal sheets, 1st sheet 4 aircraft schemes and the 2nd sheet for the weapons.

    The instruction booklet highlights the parts that are specific for the "K"

    First set of sprues I will show are for the ordnance used on the "K".

    The kit provides Napalm canisters, Mk.81 and 82 bombs, LAU-rocket launchers.

    The second sprue, has the MER (muliple ejector rack), flares, sway braces, very nice parts.

    Now on the airframe parts. Wings, prop blades, upper fuselage panel insert.

    First the distinctive squared off blades used on the B-26K, lower wing panels with the location for the wing pylons already moulded into the wing. Upper wing panel revealing the reinforcements that were added by On Mark when updating the wings and to allow them to support more weight and the wing tip tanks.

    Next is the upper fuselage insert which has the upper turret blanked off, ailerons and rear compartment side interior braces which are slightly different from the base B-26.

    The next sprue contains the pylons, the various antenna's used on the K, one of the control wheels, rudder pedals for the RH side position.

    8 under wing pylons which have the correct shape and design for the "K".

    Antennas also below and around the airframe are provided.

    updated controls and interior components.

    The next sprue contains the horizontal stabs. Which only these parts will be used on this build.

    The next sprue has the main fuselage halves which are different from the other ICM kits in many ways. Wheels, flight deck floor, rudder, rear fuselage lower insert panel.

    Starting with the fuselage halves, at the vertical tail, the "K" had vortex generators going down the rear edge of the tail. These are moulded into the tail. It is good that ICM corrected the position of the RH side window in the vertical not horizontal.

    At front of the fuselage the addition of the step door panel that did not appear on the earlier kits. They all have them, it is not exclusive to the "K".

    The wheel hubs are correct for this version of the B-26, On Mark used wheels from the Boeing KC-135 to replace the original wheels from Douglas. Though the tires do look a bit oversized. May have to use a resin set of tires to replace them and use the kit wheels.

    The flight deck floor is correct for dual control in which the B-26K was converted from a single control system. Being more sophisticated requiring a co-pilot to help with the extra work required to operate the systems.

    ICM also provides the larger rudder.

    The last sprue, contains the engine crank case faces that are different from the earlier version, the different engine cowls, the larger air intake scoops that sit on top of the engine nacelles. The updated center console and components, wing tip tanks and larger instrument panel.

    The updated crank case faces, and engine cowlings with the dreaded sprue braces in the middle of them, not fun to clean after removing that bit of sprue.

    The larger intake scoops look correct for this version

    The side and center consoles are also updated and are provided as well. Also the larger IP

    Finally the tip tanks which is quite distinctive next to the squared of prop tips that give the B-26K that look.

    Next lets get this party started.

    More to follow.

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    John vd Biggelaar said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    Looks like being a very nice kit, Chuck @uscusn
    This will definitely be resulting in an amazing looking Invader.

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    Tom Cleaver said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    And, unfortunately, both the Reskit wheels and the Vector nose are no longer available unless the place you go to on eBay is not in Ukraine or Russia. I just snagged the last Vector nose at Linden Hill Imports; all their Vector stuff is now limited to "stock on hand."

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    Spiros Pendedekas said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    A superb looking kit, my friend @uscusn!
    Looking forward to it!
    P.S. Who knows what will happen to ICM ..

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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    Thanks John building a Counter Invader from a specific kit is a dream come true, back in the last century when Monogram introduced their pair of Invader's it was a great moment, and got the first one pretty much when it was produced. Picked up the Paragon mod set and built it. It was a relatively easy conversion my first attempt ever to cut a kit to modify it to a different variant. Had no clue of shape issues at the time, the internet was fairly new and I was on America On Line (AOL), Windows 95 was not invented yet. Couldn't wait for this kit to be produced eventually.

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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    Tom, I was lucky to even get this kit. I ordered on Ebay first week of February, got a note from the vendor that I may not get it as he wasn't sure it made it out of Ukraine as the war started and asked me if I wanted a refund, I told him no worries, keep it for your self, family staff, whatever. You need it more than I do, I'm not going to worry about getting if I get it. It showed up last week. I was able to get a Vector nose in England. The wheels in the kit are the correct style for the "K", the B-26K at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson have the correct wheels and confirms the design. I was stoked to see it about 15 years ago, first thing I looked for when I walked around the air frame was to look at the main wheels. I'm hope they will fit on a set of resin tires like a Brassen set that have separate hubs. We'll see when i get to that point of the build.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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    Chuck A. Villanueva said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    Hi Spiros, not only ICM but the others as well. The most important thing is that their staff and families are safe.

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    Eric Berg said 2 years, 1 month ago:

    Chuck@uscusn : Vector also makes a corrected set of Counter invader props for this kit. Are you aware of any issues regarding the accuracy of the ICM props? I’m not.

    There is also a very thorough hands on review of this kit you might want to check out here that brings up some issues:

    I would also recommend this article by James Heilleg who lives in Tucson and has documented and hand measured the Counter Invader at the Pima Museum. He has a lot to say about the wheels when I contacted him. Full of Invader info.