I’ve been building models since a wee boy, minus a long gap between 18 and 40, thanks to my late uncle Paul who worked for Revell in Venice, CA in the 50's - 60’s and, later, AMT models. In those days, the family Christmas tree was always loaded with kits underneath much to my delight, but it drove my mother nuts who viewed them as dust collectors, sadly enough.

I’m a retired self-employed graphic artist and have always been into aviation art. I’ve designed logos and images for air museums all over the U.S. as well as illustrated a line of WWII war bird t-shirts that made the rounds in museum gift shops and aviation catalogs. Many of my built models provided the inspiration for those designs.

I’m married, have two girls each married to Costa Rican’s. I live in Santa Cruz, California.

Although I’ve never flown a plane, I have sat in a P-51cockpit.